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U-M Faculty and Experts in the News

Javed Ali, Public Policy

"War in Ukraine heightens risk of Russian cyberattacks in US, Michigan experts say"
Detroit Free Press, 2/24/22

"Shields up: How a possible cyberattack could affect Americans and how to prepare"
ABC, 2/25/22

"The Ghosts of Afghanistan Haunt Ukraine"
The Cipher Brief, 2/25/22

"Flashpoint Interview: Counterterrorism expert addresses Ukraine invasion’s impact in Michigan"
WDIV-TV, 2/27/22

"The differences and similarities between the Iraq and Ukraine wars"
BBC Brazil, 3/17/22

"The Slippery Slope of Intelligence Sharing with Ukraine"
The Cipher Brief, 5/9/22

"How US military aids Ukraine with information, not just weaponry"
Christian Science Monitor, 6/13/22

"Putin a 'Wild Card' With Nuke Threats After Many Failures: General"
Newsweek, 10/7/22

"How Does Russia's War In Ukraine End?"
HuffPost, 11/7/22

"Belarus Joining Ukraine War Could Be 'Devastating' to Lukashenko's Army"
Newsweek, 12/13/22

"Putin Gains Little From Taking Bakhmut as Forces Appear to Break Through"
Newsweek, 12/15/22

"Putin Declares Ukraine War a 'Sacred Duty' for Russians in NYE Address"
Newsweek, 12/31/22

"Congressman Warns China Would 'Go to Bed With a Loser' Amid Russia Alliance"
Newsweek, 2/25/23

Samuel Ashley, Business/Public Policy (Master's student)

"From ambulance driver to investor: U-M student creates fund to seed Ukrainian entrepreneurs"
Michigan News, 10/28/22

Pamela Ballinger, History

"A new Iron Curtain? How Russia’s invasion will reshape the world"
Christian Science Monitor, 3/2/22

Karima Bennoune, Law

"Proving war crimes is a legal long throw. Pursuit has begun in Ukraine"
Christian Science Monitor, 3/23/22

Eugene Bondarenko, Slavic Languages & Literatures

"Ukrainians rally in Warren with politicians and faith leaders in support of homeland"
Detroit News, 2/20/22

"Stateside Podcast: Michiganders fear for Ukraine's future"
Michigan Radio, 2/25/22

"What to know about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy"
ABC Good Morning America, 2/27/22

"Understanding Ukraine’s fierce will to fight"
Michigan News, 3/3/22

Irina Bondarenko, Public Health

"When your family lives in Ukraine"
Michigan Radio Stateside Podcast, 3/10/22

David Brown, Medicine

"Michigan Medicine surgeon collects medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals"
All about Ann Arbor, 4/14/22

"Surgeon organizes medical supply drive for Ukrainian hospitals"
Michigan Health, 4/22/22

Adam Casey, Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies

"The Bully in the Bubble: Putin and the Perils of Information Isolation"
Foreign Affairs, 2/4/22

"Russia: The Siloviki and Putin" PART 1 / PART 2
The John Batchelor Show, 2/10/22

"Denazification and Genocide: The Story Behind Putin's Justification for Invading Ukraine"
BBC Brazil, 2/25/22

"Chances of Putin being ousted in coup rising, but 'Musketeers' and a culture of fear will protect him, expert says"
Insider, 3/12/22

"Could Putin actually fall?"
Vox, 3/13/22

"Putin Has Coup-Proofed His Regime"
Foreign Policy, 3/23/22

"‘The myth of the chessmaster has been shattered.’ Putin is reeling as key aides and military commanders desert him"
BOL News, 3/26/22

"Coup To Overthrow Putin Already Under Way: Ukraine Military Head"
International Business Times, 5/16/22

"Russia issues travel ban on Michigan officials"
Michigan Radio, 6/3/22

John Ciorciari, Public Policy

"China signals shift on Ukraine as Russia accused of atrocities"
Nikkei Asia, 3/9/22

"As Ukraine war deepens great-power divisions, a revitalized non-aligned movement could emerge"
The Conversation, 4/22/22

"Is Critical Western Aid to Ukraine in War With Russia in Jeopardy?"
Newsweek, 11/10/22

"Ukraine Needs 'Another Solution' to Win Bakhmut 'Meat Grinder': Politician"
Newsweek, 12/19/22

Daniel Cooper, Engineering

"The EU has sworn off Russian steel. That could be bad news for the environment"
Marketplace, 3/21/22

Sasha de Vogel, PhD Political Science '21

"How Putin’s regime stifled anti-war protests in Russia"
The Guardian, 3/10/22

Denia Djokić, Engineering

"Russia’s role in world’s nuclear energy industry prompts calls to up U.S. uranium production"
Marketplace, 3/30/22

"A ban on Russian uranium could impact tribal communities in the Southwest"
Marketplace, 4/6/22

Oksana Fedorak, Public Health (MPH student)

"Graduate student Oksana Fedorak works to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine"
Findings Magazine, 11/21/22

Erik Gordon, Business

"Western companies cutting ties to Russia has limited effect, experts say"
ABC News, 3/6/22

Kathryn E. Graber, PhD Anthropology '12

"It’s ‘Ukraine,’ not ‘the Ukraine’ – here’s why"
The Conversation, 3/9/22

Michele Heisler, Medicine/Public Health

"Russia's strike on Ukraine maternity hospital is part of a terrible wartime tradition"
NPR Goats and Soda, 3/16/22

Pauline Jones, Political Science

"Is there a nuclear risk due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?"
Voice of America (Spanish), 3/1/22

"Russia's War against Ukraine and the Future of Kazakhstan's Foreign Policy"
Journal of International Affairs, Spring/Summer 2023

Pauline Jones, Political Science
Anil Menon, Political Science (PhD student)

"Your past is my present – how Volodymyr Zelenskyy uses history"
The Conversation, 6/16/22

"Why are Germans losing enthusiasm for helping Ukraine?"
Washington Post, 11/25/22

Vika Kalesnikava, Public Health
Mikhail Krutikov, Slavic Languages & Literatures/Judaic Studies
Svitlana Rogovyk, Slavic Languages & Literatures
Yuri Zhukov, Political Science

"‘Stop this global catastrophe!’ Russian invasion sparks Ukrainian reaction at University of Michigan"
MLive, 2/24/22

Aaron Kall, Debate Program

"The Memo: Zelensky battles to hold world’s attention as chances of long war rise"
The Hill, 4/12/22

Elizabeth Langen, Medicine

"As pregnant flee Ukraine, war imposes long-term health effects: Experts"
ABC News, 3/30/22

Melvyn Levitsky, Public Policy

"Examining the ramifications of Russia's attack on Ukraine"
WXYZ-TV, 2/24/22

Michigan Radio, 2/24/22

"Former U.S. Ambassador: Opposition in Russia makes war more difficult for Putin"
NBC-25 News, 2/24/22

"Ukrainian-Americans in Michigan are helping their countrymen fight back however they can"
WWJ-AM, 3/1/22

"Why does Russia feel threatened by NATO’s eastward expansion?"
TRT World, 3/2/22

"Two Americans captured by Russian forces could face the death penalty. Can the US save them?"
USA Today, 6/26/22

"What Happens If Putin Uses Nuclear Weapons? What The Experts Told Us"
1945, 9/29/22

"Cracks in US support for Ukraine risk helping Putin"
The Hill, 10/28/22

Andrei Markovits, Sociology/German/Political Science

"New cold war: Are sanctions against Russian hockey players fair?"
Christian Science Monitor, 3/10/22

Aneil Mishra, Management, U-M Flint

"SOM partners with Ukrainian B-school, offers virtual workshops"
U-M Flint News, 4/27/22

Hanna Onyshchenko, Economics (PhD student)

"Ukrainian students in the U.S. face emotional, financial hardships"
Marketplace, 3/7/22

"Their country is at war but they're supposed to be learning: How Ukrainian students in US are coping"
USA Today, 4/1/22

Jonathan Overpeck, Environment & Sustainability

"A shift to clean energy would halt Russia's petro-thuggery and more"
The Hill, 2/28/22

Benjamin Paloff, Slavic Languages & Literatures/Comparative Literature

"We Are All In Terrible Danger: Reflections Six Weeks into Russia’s Assault on Ukraine"
Michigan Quarterly Review, 4/8/22

Paolo Pasquariello, Business

"Here's how Russia's invasion of Ukraine could impact Michigan's economy"
WXYZ-TV, 3/1/22

"When risk and uncertainty abound, investors move to government bonds in a 'flight to safety'"
Marketplace, 3/3/22

"What exactly is the SWIFT banking system?"
Marketplace, 3/3/22

"Russia-Ukraine war: What to know about sanctions—their effects and effectiveness"
Michigan News, 5/3/22

Brian Porter-Szűcs, History

"Poland’s welcome of Ukrainian refugees comes with challenges"
Michigan News, 3/14/22

Amiyatosh Purnanandam, Business

"Financial sanctions against Russia will create wide-ranging impact"
University Record, 3/7/22

Florian Schmitzberger, Medicine

"U-M doctor and former army medic offers care in Ukraine"
University Record, 9/12/22

Dan Slater, Political Science

"Putting Putin in his place: A dictator at war"
Michigan News, 3/6/22

"The Guy Gordon Show"
WJR, 3/11/22

Ronald Suny, History/Political Science

"A historian corrects misunderstandings about Ukrainian and Russian history"
The Conversation, 2/24/22

"Ukraine war follows decades of warnings that NATO expansion into Eastern Europe could provoke Russia"
The Conversation, 2/28/22

"From Lenin to Putin: Key turning points in Russian-Ukrainian history 1922-2022"
Michigan Radio, 3/4/22

"US military support to Ukraine proves its worry about future decline", 6/9/22

"Ukrainian people are resisting the centuries-old force of Russian imperialism – Ukraine war at 6 months"
The Conversation, 8/18/22

"The Ukraine conflict is a war of narratives – and Putin’s is crumbling"
The Conversation, 10/27/22

"Russia Military Losses Could Be Double U.S. In Vietnam in Tenth of Time"
Newsweek, 12/5/22

"Ukraine war has exposed the folly – and unintended consequences – of ‘armed missionaries’"
The Conversation, 2/17/23

"The view from Moscow and Beijing: What peace in Ukraine and a post-conflict world look like to Xi and Putin"
The Conversation, 3/22/23

"Putin’s Ukraine war keeps yielding dividends – but not for him"
The Conversation, 6/27/23

"What’s on the agenda as Biden heads to NATO summit: 5 essential reads as Western alliance talks expansion, Ukraine"
The Conversation,

Maxim Sytch, Business

"Can phone calls change Russian views about the war?"
GZERO Media, 3/24/22

"Michigan Ross Prof Brings Lessons From Ukraine War Into The MBA Classroom"
Poets & Quants, 4/18/22

Stefan Szymanski, Kinesiology

"FIFA’s suspension of Russia is a rarity – but one that strips bare the idea that sport can be apolitical"
The Conversation, 3/3/22

Kira Thurman, History/German Studies

"As performing artists denounce or stay allied with Putin, history offers some lessons"
NPR All Things Considered, 3/3/22

David Turnley, Art + Design

"David Turnley documents Ukrainians’ plight"
Michigan Today, 4/22/22

Greta Uehling, International & Comparative Studies

"The State of the Union and Ukraine"
Marist Poll Poll Hub, 3/4/22

"Ukraine at war: Continuity and displacement"
Michigan News, 3/9/22

"Ukraine’s war has shattered some friendships and family ties – but ‘care ethics’ have strengthened other relationships"
The Conversation, 8/22/22

"When there are no words: Talking about wartime trauma in Ukraine"
The Conversation, 2/23/23

Jeffrey Veidlinger, History/Judaic Studies

"Putin’s claim to rid Ukraine of Nazis is especially absurd given its history"
The Conversation, 2/26/22

"A brief history of Babi Yar, where Nazis massacred Jews, Soviets kept silence and now Ukraine says Russia fired a missile"
The Conversation, 3/7/22

"What Zelensky Gets Wrong About the Holocaust in Ukraine"
The Detroit Jewish News, 3/30/22

"How the Russian Media Spread False Claims About Ukrainian Nazis"
The New York Times, 7/2/22

James Wells, Physics

"Why scientists still can't figure out how to intercept nuclear missiles"
Salon, 3/3/2022

Sharon Wering Rivera, PhD Political Science '98

“Can Putin keep the oligarchs and Russian elites on his side?”
Washington Post, 3/1/22

Yuri Zhukov, Political Science

"Russia Taking Over Ukraine Could Be a Headache for Putin"
Newsweek, 3/9/22

"Data on the Russian invasion of Ukraine available in near-real time"
Michigan News, 3/10/22

"Zelensky's Vote to End Russia War Near 'Impossible' Without Putin Approval"
Newsweek, 3/22/22

"Risk of Putin Using Nuclear Weapons Rises as Ukraine Succeeds: Menendez"
Newsweek, 5/1/22

"NATO Has Already Crossed Vladimir Putin's 'Red Line'"
Newsweek, 5/3/22

"Putin Could Tighten Grip on Russia if He Declares War on Ukraine"
Newsweek, 5/5/22

"Putin Resorting to Drafted Soldiers in Ukraine Could Come at a High Price"
Newsweek, 6/9/22

"Visa Ban Could Push Russians Into Putin's Arms, Bolstering Support at Home"
Newsweek, 8/30/22

"Is Russia's Defense Ministry Becoming the Kremlin Scapegoat for War Losses?"
Newsweek, 9/15/22

"U.S. Ramps Up Involvement in Ukraine as Putin Declares Annexations Official"
Newsweek, 9/30/22

"What's the Worst Thing Putin Could Do Short of Nuclear War?"
Newsweek, 10/6/22

"Putin Could Force Ukrainians to Fight for Him Under Martial Law"
Newsweek, 10/19/22

"What Putin's 'Dirty Bomb' Accusations Reveals About His War Strategy"
Newsweek, 10/27/22

"Russian Soldiers Issued WWII-Era Metal Helmets, Obsolete Weapons: Ukraine"
Newsweek, 11/9/22

"What the Ukraine War Has Truly Cost Us"
The New York Times, 2/23/23

Geneviève Zubrzycki, Sociology

"Holding Russia to Account for War Crimes in Ukraine"
Vanity Fair, 8/24/22

University of Michigan (general)

Russia-Ukraine: U-M experts can discuss (Experts Advisory)
Michigan News, 2/24/22

"An Invasion Felt in Academe"
Inside Higher Ed, 2/25/22

"Rally on University of Michigan diag offers support for Ukrainian community"
MLive, 2/27/22

"U-M community reacts to invasion of Ukraine, experts weigh in"
Michigan Daily, 3/9/22

"U-M professors and students discuss economic impacts of Russia invading Ukraine"
Michigan Daily, 3/10/22

"U-M to exit Russian investment, light bell tower with Ukrainian colors"
University Record, 3/15/22

"U-M joins project investigating war crimes in Ukraine"
University Record, 9/21/22

Opinion: "What the West should do about Russia and Ukraine"
Michigan Daily, 11/14/22

"Spotlight on the News: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Russia-Ukraine War"
WXYZ-TV, 3/3/23