Episode #1: Hong Kong Protests

Episode Summary:
Where did the 2019 Hong Kong protests come from? What has been fueling the protests? What is Hong Kong fighting for? What does it really want from Beijing? What do mainland Chinese think of Hong Kong protests and why? How do Hong Kong protests affect the U-M campus?
We asked two U-M students from Hong Kong and one professor who was born and raised in mainland China to share their memories and answer the above questions.

  1. Nicole Wu, Ph.D. student in Political Science
  2. Edgar Chung, undergraduate student in the College of Engineering
  3. Xiaohong Xu, assistant professor of Sociology

Episode #2:  Pandemics and Prejudice: Chinese and Chinese Americans’ Experiences

Episode Summary:
Two U-M alumni and one student share their memory of SARS in 2003 and experiences as Chinese and Chinese American living in this current unique political environment, as COVID-19 pandemic has created more tensions to the souring U.S.-China relations.

  1. Xin Sun, Ph.D. student at UM
  2. Yuhua Wang, alumnus (Ph.D. ‘2011), associate professor at Harvard University
  3. Joseph Xu, alumnus (A.B. ‘2015), multimedia designer at UM College of Engineering

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