The African Studies Center (ASC) cosponsored the launch of a website “Violations Against Indigenous Africa''. The sponsorship from ASC signals the center's commitment towards promoting the wellbeing of the continent and its indigenous communities. The website aims to generate and broadcast research and literature on violations of the rights of indigenous communities in Africa, including historic and modern-day incidents. The website results from a UROP research project, "Human Rights and Indigenous Rights in Africa,” led by Tara Alahmar and Isabella Crow, and mentored by ASC affiliate Professor Kelly Askew.

The website features a wide range of contexts where indigenous communities in Africa commonly face human rights violations. It also covers conservation, which often results in the violation of the rights of indigenous people in Africa. 

The website also documents farmer conflicts that arise due to the need for large-scale industrial farming. In addition, the website also reports on large infrastructure projects that are often a factor that leads to the dispossession of land from indigenous people.

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