Recognized on September 15, 2023, Jody Lori, the Sara H. and Robert B. Rothschild Endowed Professor of Global Nursing, professor of nursing and associate dean of global affairs at the School of Nursing, became one of the two recipients to win this year’s U-M President’s Award for Distinguished Service in International Education.

Lori’s dedication to global health equity has been seen by her colleagues, students, and partners over the past 2 decades. She focuses on advocating for improving maternal and newborn health, all while operating in overwhelmed healthcare systems. Lori discusses,

Lori is a leader in the spaces she steps in. Under her leadership at the School of Nursing, the school’s Global Health Summer Institute program in 2022 attracted more than 400 learners from 31 countries. This is a clear representation of how Lori strives to create Michigan as an exceptional educational partner with individuals from across the world. 

The African Studies Center commends Lori’s dedication to her work in the African countries (Liberia, Ghana, Zambia) she has worked in. 

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