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International Conference of NextGen Korean Studies Scholars (NEKST)

Translating Value and the Value of Translation

Friday and Saturday, May 17-18, 2013
Rackham Assembly Hall--4th Floor

Keynote Lecture

Translation and the Colonial Desire for Transparency (see abstract)
Serk-Bae Suh (University of California, Irvine)
Friday, May 17, 3:40 p.m.

The inaugural NEKST conference will explore the topic of translation writ large. Works of translation inherently cross languages, borders, and audiences. As translation is produced for and consumed within new markets and new political contexts, new issues arise beyond the literal or semantic. Thus, the value of translation and the translation of value present both challenges and opportunities for the future of Korean Studies. Moreover, as Korean Studies moves away from an isolated area-based field and into the next generation of Korean Studies in which scholars apply the tools of myriad disciplines to evaluate the unique case of Korea, translation transcends the mere rendering of one language from another. Translation may represent different disciplinary lenses through which Korea can be examined, and how scholars of Korean Studies may move between these lenses to make sense of the pieces, the facets, and the whole of Korea. The 2013 NEKST Conference will create the platform for interdisciplinary dialogues among the next generation of Korean Studies scholars across the world by engaging the notion of translation in finding a new perspective of Korean Studies.

Organized by:

Korean Studies Graduate Working Group (University of Michigan)
Woosong Korean Studies Graduate Fellows (Seoul National University)

Sponsored by:

Nam Center for Korean Studies (University of Michigan)
College of Humanities (Seoul National University)

Conference Organizers

Ha Yeon Lee (Co-Chair, Social Work and Anthropology, UM)
Michael Prentice (Co-Chair, Anthropology, UM)
Irhe Sohn (Co-Chair, Asian Languages and Cultures, UM)
Ki-In Chong (Korean and Comparative Literature, SNU)
Chaewon Baek (Korean Linguistics, SNU)
Nora Hauk (Anthropology, UM)
Susan Hwang (Asian Languages and Cultures, UM)
Domin Kim (Korean History, SNU)
Jin-Kyu Kim (Korean and Comparative Literature, SNU)
Min-Jeong Kim (Aesthetics, SNU)
Kyung-rim Lee (Korean Literature, SNU)
Jaebin Yoo (Art History, SNU)

Conference Staff

Do-Hee Morsman (Nam Center for Korean Studies, UM)
Adrienne Janney (Nam Center for Korean Studies, UM)
Jaeyoung Choi (Nam Center for Korean Studies, UM)

Faculty Advisors

Nojin Kwak (Nam Center for Korean Studies, UM)
Sung Chang Park (College of Humanities, SNU)
Seung-gook Yang (College of Humanities, SNU)