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Videos of Past Events

Please see conference programs for video highlights from Nam Center conference presentations. Photos of Nam Center Events can be found on our flickr site. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video of lectures.

2020-2021 Nam Center Video Series

2/16/21 -- Jonson Porteux, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Studies, Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)

Democratization and Violence in the Korean Context

11/17/20 -- Susan Hwang, Assistant Professor of Korean Literature & Cultural Studies, Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures, Indiana University

Singing Beyond the Ivory Gates: South Korean Song Movement in the 1980s

10/20/20 -- Mike Prentice, Lecturer in Korean Studies, School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield (UK)

An Office of Reports: Overwork and Overwriting in Korean Business Life

2019-2020 Nam Center Video Series

9/24/19 -- Hilary Vanessa Finchum-Sung, Executive Director, Association for Asian Studies

Re-centering Female Narratives through Murmurs and Song

2018-2019 Nam Center Video Series

12/4/18 -- Rory Walsh, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan

Mahan, Baekje, and the Rise of States in South Korea

10/9/18 -- Susan Hwang, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University

A Song of Dissent and Democracy: "March for the Beloved" and the Politics of Resistance in South Korea

9/27/18 -- Albert Park, Associate Professor, Claremont McKenna College

Revolutionary Landscapes: Ecology, Power, and Anarchism in Modern Korea

2017-2018 Nam Center Video Series

11/6/2017 -- International Insitute Round Table

A New Look at an Old Issue: Implications of North Korea's Provocations

9/27/2017 -- Jaeeun Kim, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan

Contested Embrace: Transborder Membership Politics in Twentieth-Century Korea

2016-2017 Nam Center Video Series

3/22/2017 -- Taeku Lee, Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law, University of California Berkeley

Master or Servant? Public Opinion, Polling, and Democratic Responsiveness in Korea

1/25/2017 -- Joshua Van Lieu, Assistant Professor of History and Curriculum Director of the Asian Studies Program, ‎LaGrange College

“The Act was Oriental between Orientals:” The Persistence of Late Victorian Translations of the Twilight of Qing-Joseon Tributary Practice

11/17/2016 -- kate-hers RHEE, Artist, Berlin, Germany

If I Can K-Pop Dance, I’ll Be a Part of Your Beauty Revolution

11/9/2016 -- Hyun Ok Park, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, York University

The Capitalist Unconscious: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea

10/20/2016 -- Eun-Ju Lee, Professor, Department of Communication, Seoul National University

When User Comments Meet the News: Korean Case Studies

9/14/2016 -- Hyungki Shin, Professor of Korean Language and Literature, Yonsei University

North Korea: The State Built by Narrative

2015-2016 Nam Center Video Series

3/30/2016 -- Rebecca Kim, Professor of Sociology, Frank R. Seaver Professor in Social Science, Pepperdine University

The Spirit Moves West: Korean Missionaries in America

3/9/2016 -- Sahie Kang, Professor and Director, The School of Korean, Middlebury College 

Planning Assessment in a Proficiency Oriented Foreign Language Program: A Backward Design

2/24/2016 -- Dredge Byung'chu Kang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Washington University in St. Louis

Idols of Development: The Performance of Asian Modernity via Queer Thai K-Pop Fandom

2/10/2016 -- Kyung Deok Roh, Assistant Professor, Division of Liberal Arts and Science, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Yalta Conference and the Division of the Korean Peninsula

1/27/2016 -- Jeong-Woo Koo, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Sungkyunkwan University

Contested Diffusion of Human Rights: Evidence from the South Korean Print Media, 1990-2010

12/09/2015 -- Baek Yung Kim, Associate Professor, Humanities Department, Kwangwoon University

Making a New Metropolis in Seoul : ‘The Age of 86·88’ as a Catalyst of Gangnaminization

10/7/2015 -- Eugene Park, Korea Foundation Associate Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

Progeny of Fallen Royals: Kaesong Wang in Choson Korea

9/16/2015 -- Wonjung Min, Assistant Professor, Department of History & Asian Studies Center, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Korean Wave in Latin America: K-pop Reception and Participatory Fan Culture

8/29/2015 -- 2015 Educator Workshop

Lives of Migration: Korea in Diaspora

2014-2015 Nam Center Video Series

4/24/2015 -- A Conversation with South Korean Writers Lim Chul-woo and Han Kang

The Kwangju Massacre after Thirty-Five Years: The Politics and Poetics of Witnessing

2/25/2015 -- Hae Kwon Kim, Professor of Biblical Studies, Soongsil University

Disappearance of Prophetic Voice from the Korean Church and Its Disservice to Korea

10/8/2014 -- Hyunjoon Park, Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Sociology and Education at the University of Pennsylvania and Kuentae Kim, Associate Professor of Department of Korean History at Seoul National University.

The Legacy of Disadvantaged Origins: Blocked Social Mobility of Descendants of Nobis in Late Joseon (Korea)

12/10/2014 -- Ji-Yeon Yuh, Associate Professor, Department of History, Northwestern University.

Diasporic Koreans and the Military, 1930-1960

2013-2014 Nam Center Video Series

10/25/2013 -- Charles Armstrong, KF Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences, Dept. of History, Columbia University

Everlasting Fraternal Friendship: North Korea and the End of Communism

2/6/2014 -- Byung-Mo Chung, Gyeongju University

The Janus of Tiger: Korean Decorative Painting, Magpie and Tiger

3/31/2014 -- Vladimir Tikhonov, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway

Avante-Garde Routes for the Korean Diaspora

4/2/2014 -- Hyowon Woo, Composer-In-Residence, Incheon City Chorale

The Vision of Korean Choral Music

2012-2013 Nam Center Video Series

9/26/2012 -- Steven Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of California, Berkeley

Avante-Garde Routes for the Korean Diaspora

10/3/2012 -- Korea Days: Ann Arbor

Panel Discussion with Ambassador Thomas C. Hubbard

10/17/2012 -- Young Hoon Lee, Professor, Department of Economics, Sogang University

Professional Sports Business in Korea

10/31/2012 -- Mina Shin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Film Studies and Korean Studies, Michigan State University

Imagining Racial Otherness: Multiculturalism and South(east) Asian Migrant Workers in Korean Cinema

2011-2012 Nam Center Video Series

09/28/2011 -- Daniel Kim, Assistant Professor of English, Brown University

The Korean War in Color: The Nisei and the Japanese in U.S. Media, 1950-1960

10/19/2011 -- Bruce Cumings, Professor of History, University of Chicago

Apocalypse, Amnesia--and Kim Jong Il: Why the Korean War is 'Forgotten'

10/26/2011 -- Keum Hyun Han, Visiting Assistant Professor Adjunct, Art & Art History, Film Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder

Contemporary Korean Photography: How Artists Use a Photographic Sensibility to Produce New Knowledge

11/9/2011 -- Korea Foundation Fellows Presentation

Michael Prentice, Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology
Digital Documents, Global English and Corporate Voice in a Korean Firm

Damhee Kim, Doctoral Student, Department of Communication Studies
Media Diversity Evaluation:A Comparative Study of the U.S. and South Korea

1/11/2012 -- Daniel Herbert, Assistant Professor, Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, University of Michigan

Feeling for History: Non-Linear Time Structures in Contemporary Korean Cinema

2/8/2012 -- Chin-Sung Chang, Professor, Department of Archaeology and Art History, Seoul National University

Reading Barbarians Hunting Screens: How the Manchus were Viewed and Visualized in Late Choson Korea

3/14/2012 -- Nam-Lin Hur, Professor, Department of Asian Studies, the University of British Columbia

Korean Tea Bowls in the World of Japanese Wabicha in Premodern Times

3/28/2012 -- Nicholas Harkness, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

A Clean Voice for an Advanced Nation: Singing in South Korean Christianity

2010-2011 Nam Center Video Series

4/14/2011 -- Karen Thornber, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University

Changing Environments: Ecological Devastation and Modern Korean Literature

3/23/2011 -- Elaine Kim, Professor of Asian American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Asian American Women in Hollywood and Beyond: Race, Gender, and Representation 1986-2010

2/9/2011 -- Alice Kim, doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Department, University of California at Berkeley

Farewell at Kimpo Airport: On Postcolonial Modernity in the South Korean Popular Imagination

1/12/2011 -- Richard D. McBride II, Assistant Professor of History, Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Uichon and the Golden Age of Koryo Buddhism

11/22/2010 -- Sa-in Kim, Poet

Sa-in Kim -- This lecture is in Korean.

11/17/2010 -- Darcy Paquet; Independent scholar/film critic

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain: The Underappreciated Role of the Producer in Korean Cinemas Booms and Busts

11/3/2010 -- Sun-Jae Hwang, Youngchi Chang, and Jin-Yeon Kang, Korea Foundation Graduate Fellows

Fellowship Presentations

10/16/2010 -- Fiction Reading by Shin Kyoung-sook and Kim Young-ha

Korean Fiction Writers Talk about Their Literature

10/6/2010 -- Rachael Joo, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Middlebury College

Politicized Publics in the Wake of the 2002 World Cup

9/29/2010 -- Chin Hong Chung, Distinguished Professor in Religious Studies, Ewha Womans University, Korea

When Life and Death Meet -- This lecture is in Korean

9/29/2010 -- Chin Hong Chung, Distinguished Professor in Religious Studies, Ewha Womans University, Korea

Topography and Meteorology: Some Preliminary Remarks for the Study of Korean Religion

9/22/2010 -- Hyunjoon Park, Korea Foundation Assistant Professor of Sociology University of Pennsylvania

De-mystifying Stereotypes on Korean Education

2009-2010 Nam Center Video Series

4/8/2010 -- Katharine Moon, Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College

The Politics of Nationalism and International Adoption in South Korea

3/21/2010 -- Korean Bboys Performance | Featuring TinoRoc, NautyOne, and BangRoc

3/21/2010 -- Korean Bboys Discussion | Featuring TinoRoc, NautyOne, and BangRoc

3/21/2010 -- Shinaboro

A Drumming Performance by the Shinaboro Drum Core

2/20/2010 -- The Art and Etiquette of Tea

A Demonstration of Korean Tea Preparation and Enjoyment

2/3/2010 -- Dong-Choon Kim, Associate Professor of Sociology at Sung Kong Hoe University in Seoul, Korea

Disquieting Traces: Crititcal Reflections on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Korea

2/3/2010 -- Dong-Choon Kim, Associate Professor of Sociology at Sung Kong Hoe University in Seoul, Korea


1/27/2010 -- Keith Howard, Associate Dean at Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Korean Kayagum Sanjo: Schools and Players

1/27/2010 -- Chan E. Park, Professor, Ohio State University

Korean Kayagum Sanjo: Schools and Players

1/27/2010 -- Jin Hi Kim, Komungo Performer and Composer

Korean Kayagum Sanjo: Schools and Players

1/27/2010 -- Keith Howard, Chan E. Park and Jin Hi Kim

Question and Answer

1/20/2010 -- Elise Prebin, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

Ash Disposal in Contemporary South Korea: Continuities and Discontinuities

12/2/2009 -- Heonik Kwon, Reader in Anthropology, London School of Economics

Why Aren't There Any War Cemeteries in North Korea?

11/18/2009 -- Deborah Solomon Joint Post-doctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University

Critical Voices, Contested Spaces: Spatial Transformations and the Emergence of Anti-Japanese Student Protest in Colonial Korea

11/11/2009 -- Shin Dong Kim, Professor, School of Communication, Hallym University

Social and Cultural Capital in the Development of Media Industry in Korea

10/14/2009 -- Edward Chang, Professor Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside

Korean Diaspora: History, Identity, and Community Consciousness

9/30/2009 -- Namhee Lee, Associate Professor of Modern Korean History, UCLA

Turning Past to History: Nostalgia and Redemption in the Park Chung Hee Syndrome

3/2/2009 -- Dong-Young Chung, Former Minister of Unification of South Korea, 2007 Democratic Presidential Candidate of South Korea

Fourth Wave in North and South Korea Relations: The U.S. Role toward a New Vision for Peace in Northeast Asia

10/13/2008 -- Robert Buswell, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures; University of California, Los Angeles

Korean Buddhism in East Asian Context