The International Institute (II) photo contest is open to all students affiiliated with the institute and/or its centers and programs through research, study, or an internship abroad, or through funding. The II is pleased to present the 2016 awardees for the three categories: Go Blue!; Not Just a Tourist; and The World is Your Classroom.

Go Blue!

Sharing a Canadian View by Rachel Atkinson (BS Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience ’17)

Funding: International Institute Individual Fellowship

“While visiting Gros Morne National Park, we hiked to the top of a mountain and enjoyed this spectacular view of the park beneath us. These red chairs are found in various scenic places throughout the island.”

Not Just a Tourist

First place

Monastic Journey by Hanna Dougherty (BA International Studies and Community Action & Social Change ’18)

Funding: Summer in South Asia Fellowship, and  PICS Summer Research


“I followed these four nuns around like a small puppy for several days. Here we are climbing up through the village of Karsha, a smattering of clay cottages built on the mountainside, to reach the monk monastery. The Himalayan region is coated in these white stupas (Buddhist shrines) and strings of colorful prayer flags.”

Not Just a Tourist

Second Place

A Timeless Bond by Anne Desiderio (MA Middle East & North African Studies ’16)

Funding: WCEE Summer Research and Internship Grant

“While en route to Gremi Monastery, we came across this couple kind enough to leave us with a photo.”

Not Just a Tourist

Third Place

Working Women by Brigitte Smith (BA International Studies ’18)

“Each fabric, color scheme, accessory, and stance so distinct. These women gathered for a community event hosted by SKSN school. Students host a workshop that integrates disabled students of the school and able-bodied children of the community through games in order to combat stigma against people with disabilities. With each workshop, more families gather exposing their children and themselves to a different mindset. It was a beautiful scene.”

The World is Your Classroom

First Place

Focus Group Discussion under Tree by Julie Buser (PhD Nursing ’18)

Funding: International Institute Individual Fellowship



The World is Your Classroom

Second place

Backstage by Zoë McLaughlin (MS School of Information ‘18)

Center for World Performance Studies summer funding

“A dancer waits in the dressing room during a wayang wong performance.”

The World is Your Classroom

Third place

Echoes of the Past by Michael Abrahamson (PhD Architecture ’18)

Funding: WCEE Summer Research and Internship Fellowship

“In the background we see the distinctive profile of the National Library of Latvia, designed by architect Gunnar Birkerts, who is the subject of my research. In the foreground, on the other side of the Daugava River, is the silhouette of a Viking longship, or a contemporary imitation of one anyway. I find the echo between their shapes interesting because the library is a repository for Latvian history and culture and is intended to embody this in its form.”