The Nam Center for Korean Studies would like to congratulate Inae Chung, Sharon Lee, Sean Baxter, and Michael Prentice who are the 2011 recipients of the SeAH Haiam Arts and Sciences Scholarship. 

Sean Baxter's research will look for methods that are being used to integrate "traditional architecture" into the contemporary world. He plans to look at a case study in Buk-chon village of Seoul, that in its renovation has conflated old world structure and form with the latest technology and use. 

Inae Chung, a MFA candidate in Dance will research traditional Korean dances as an inspiration of her contemporary choreography. She will study t’alch’um (traditional Korean masked dance), Salp’uri, (traditional Korean exorcist dance), and general Korean dances. She will create her own movement style by analyzing and reinventing traditional Korean dances. 

Michael Prentice will be spending one month this summer conducting preliminary ethnographic fieldwork inside of an advertising and brand design agency in the area of Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. While there he will begin to learn what life is like inside a Korean office. In August, Michael will be attending the Society for East Asian Anthropology's annual conference at Chonbuk University. He will be presenting a paper about some of his preliminary findings on the relationship between branding, materiality and language. Additionally, he will also be attending an intensive language program at Ewha University. 

Sharon Lee is extremely honored to be a recipient of the SeAH Haiam Arts and Sciences Scholarship. Having conducted fieldwork in Seoul last year as a Fulbright-Hays and Korea Foundation fellow, the scholarship will allow her to conduct follow-up research for her dissertation on plastic surgery and the Korean diaspora—The (Geo)Politics of Beauty: Race, Transnationalism and Neoliberalism in Seoul and Los Angeles.