The International Institute is pleased to announce the University of Michigan Fulbright student and scholar grantees for 2015-16. For the third straight year, U-M students have received more Fulbright awards than any other public institution. For more on U-M grantees, see the Global Michigan story.

Fulbright U.S. Student Grantees for the University of Michigan

The 2015-2016 U-M Fulbright U.S. Student grantees, their degrees*, colleges/schools (and departments/programs), Fulbright host countries, and Fulbright projects include:

Andrew Bahle, B.S., LSA (Neuroscience); Norway; “Remembering Where We Have Been: Exploring the Neural Representation of Space” (Medicine Sciences)

Andrew Baker, B.A., LSA (Political Science, Asian Languages & Cultures); Indonesia; English Teaching Assistantship               

Lauren Beck, B.A., LSA (German; Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship    

Richard Boehnke, B.S., LSA (Biochemistry); Netherlands; TUDelft, Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship (Energy)

Brinley Bruton, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Spanish, Community Action/Social Change); Argentina; English Teaching Assistantship 

Gayle Campbell, B.A., LSA (Political Science, Spanish); Mexico; English Teaching Assistantship     

Cathy Chow, B.A./B.S., LSA (German, Environmental Science); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship               

Jennifer Chuang, B.A./B.S., LSA (Asian Studies, Music, Biopsychology, Environment); Taiwan; English Teaching Assistantship    

Dzovinar Derderian, Ph.D., LSA (History); Armenia; “Conveying Power by Petitioning and Narrating in the Ottoman Empire, 1840-1900” (History)

John Doering-White, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); Mexico; “Violence and Care in Transit: Infrastructure of Clandestine Migration through Mexico” (Anthropology)

Carlina Duan, B.A., LSA (English, Creative Writing); Malaysia; English Teaching Assistantship         

James Erbaugh, Ph.D., SNRE (Natural Resources and Environment/Forestry); Indonesia; “Indonesian Forest Regulation for Commodities and Conservation” (Forestry, Indonesia-FIRST Award)

Christopher Fort, Ph.D., LSA (Russian Language & Literature); Uzbekistan; “The Trope of Parricide in 20th Century Uzbek Literature” (Literature)

John Foster, B.A., LSA (French, Comparative Literature); Belgium; English Teaching Assistantship              

Andrea Gillespie, B.A., LSA (Political Science, Middle Eastern & North African Studies); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship    

Sarah Goomar, B.A., LSA (Political Science, Women’s Studies); India; “Law and Legacy: The English Colonial System and Indian Rape Jurisprudence” (International Relations)

Sanjay Jolly, B.S./B.A., LSA & Public Policy (Biochemistry, Public Policy); Ecuador; “Investigating the New Landscape for Grassroots Media in Ecuador” (Communications)

Liana Kallman, B.A., LSA (Spanish, Social Theory & Practice); Ecuador; English Teaching Assistantship       

Jonathan Keesecker, M.P.P., Public Policy (Public Policy); Burma (Myanmar); “Myanmar: Sustainable and Inclusive Growth through Trade and Investment” (Public Administration, Fulbright Clinton Fellowship)

Aimee Massey, M.S., SNRE (Ecology); Kenya; “Using Novel Techniques to Measure Biodiversity in the Aberdare Range, Kenya” (Ecology)

Ryan Miller, B.A., LSA (German, Political Science); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

Anicia Mirchandani, B.A./B.S., LSA (Spanish, Neuroscience); Mexico; English Teaching Assistantship

Alexandra Passarelli, B.A., LSA (Global Health & Environment, Biology); Indonesia; “Social Determinants of HIV among Indonesian Female Migrant Workers” (Public Health, Indonesia-FIRST Award)

Sukhee Ramawickrama, B.S., LSA (Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience); Sri Lanka; English Teaching Assistantship    

Jessica Schroeder, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Applied Statistics); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

Frank Sedlar, M.S., Engineering (Civil Engineering); Indonesia; “Measuring Urban Resilience to Climate Change in Jakarta, Indonesia” (Engineering, Indonesia-FIRST Award)

Jessie Stoolman, B.A., LSA (History, Middle Eastern & North African Studies); Morocco; “Al-Andalus in Morocco/Morocco in al-Andalus: Negotiations of Andalusian Identity” (History)

Layne Vandenberg, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Spanish); Brazil; “State Violence in the Post 2014 FIFA World Cup & Pre 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro” (Political Science)

Courtney Weber, B.A., LSA (Spanish, Anthropology); Spain; English Teaching Assistantship

* Degrees listed are either the highest degree attained at U-M or the degree currently in progress.    

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grantees for the University of Michigan

Paul Berman, Professor, Department of Physics, LSA, “Atomic & Molecular Physics”; Lecturing / Research: Physics Program Development in Rwanda; National University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda; September 2015—March 2016.

Nilo Couret, Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures, LSA, “Cinematography & Film/Video”; Research: Peripheral Humor, Critical Proximity: Latin American Film Comedy;  Federal University of Fluminense; Niteroi, Brazil;  September 2015—April 2016.

Joy Knoblauch, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, “Architecture”; Research: Better Living through Architecture;McGill University, Montreal, Canada; August—December 2015.

Elvedin Poskovic, Professor & Director, Department of Art, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, “Arts”; Lecturing / Research: Futures in the Present: Polish Graphic Sensibility and the Krakow International Print Triennial; Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Krakow, Poland; September 2015—June 2016.

Edward Silver, Professor, Department of Education, School of Education, “Curriculum/Math”; Research: Investigating the Practice of Mathematics Education in Canada; University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada; August 2015—December 2015.