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New Media and Social Change in Pakistan | Participants

Mavish Ahmad

Mahvish Ahmad is an independent journalist, and a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge. She is also the co-founder of Tanqeed | a magazine of politics and culture.

Marta Bolognani

Marta Bolognani is currently Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol, UK, working on the implications of transnational marriage for British Pakistanis’ integration processes. She taught and researched at the Lahore School of Management Sciences (LUMS) between 2006 and 2008. She was the General Secretary of the Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN) between 2011 and 2014. She is the author of ‘Crime and Muslim Britain (IB Tauris, 2009) and the co-editor of Pakistan and its Diaspora (Palgrave 2011). She has published extensively on return migration, British Pakistanis, the 2007 Pakistani State of Emergency and Pakistani popular culture.

Mobina Hashmi

Mobina Hashmi is Assistant Professor of Television and Radio at CUNY-Brooklyn College. She is working on a book, “Work and Television in Global America,” that analyzes how U.S. television programming negotiates the impact of labor globalization on the raced, gendered, and classed hierarchies of citizenship; and, on an edited anthology, “Think/Point/Shoot: Media Ethics from Development to Distribution.” Her work has been published in Economic and Political Weekly and in South Asian History and Culture.

Raza Rumi

Mr. Raza Ahmad Rumi is a leading Pakistani journalist and policy analyst who serves as an editor at The Friday Times, Pakistan's foremost liberal weekly paper. He is also a columnist for Pakistan's Daily Express Tribune. A consistent voice for human rights and an inclusive society, he has served as executive director of the Justice Network and is affiliated with the Jinnah Institute, a think tank that explores issues of democracy and governance. Raza was a leading TV commentator in Pakistan and hosted a current affairs show on Capital TV and Express News. Prior to his work as a journalist he was a governance specialist with Asian Development Bank, Manila and also a civil servant in Pakistan's Administrative Service. In recent years he has also been consulting for international development organisations, NGOs and governments. He is the author of Delhi by Heart: Impressions of a Pakistani Traveler (2013) and has written numerous papers on security, development, and culture. In March 2014, he survived an assassination attempt that took the life of his driver, forcing Mr. Rumi to leave Pakistan. Since then he has been based in the US and currently a visiting fellow at National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC.

Sana Saleem

Sana Saleem is an activist working on minority rights and internet freedom.  She is the director of Bolo Bhi, a non-profit free speech group and co-founder of Stories Beyond Borders. Sana was listed in Foreign Policy's 100 Global Thinker's list, for her work on free speech in Pakistan with Bolo Bhi.  She serves on the advisory board of Courage Foundation Edward Snowden's Legal Defense Fund. She blogs at Global Voices,  Asian Correspondent, The Guardian, Dawn and her personal blog Mystified Justice. She recently won the Best Activist Blogger award by CIO & Google at the Pakistan Blogger Awards.