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Past International Studies Honors Theses

Since 2012, the Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) has graduated 80 students with International Studies Honors. PICS students spend an entire year in the International Studies Honors Plan working on a Senior Honors thesis in International Studies. Students then present their work at the end of the academic year to their peers, the public, and a faulty panel during an Honors thesis defense. Writing an Honors thesis is a huge commitment, and PICS congratulates all the International Studies Honors students on this achievement.

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) senior theses are archived in the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue online library. Honors theses are a permanent part of the University’s intellectual legacy. Deep Blue makes these works accessible to the scholarly community for the long term, providing a single, permanent URL for reference. Please use the information below as reference to search for past International Studies Honors theses in the library database.

2021 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Benjamin Bronkema-Bekker
Displaced Pensioners and Peace in the Donbass Conflict

Camille Cummings
Lessons in Gender Equality: The Potential Translation of the Scandinavian Policy Model in Burundi and Rwanda

Nicholas Daniel
Leapfrogging Development: Analyzing the Trends of Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Westernization Versus the Informal Economy

Haley Gritz
Stories of Success: Strategic Connections Between the Madres de Plaza de Mayo and the Marea Verde in Argentina

Grace Kraimer
Primary Education Inequality and Policy: Sweden and China

Jalal Mawri
Ansar Allah in Yemen: History and Ideology

Madeleine Mozina
How Social Enterprises Coordinate Cross-Sectoral Solutions for Informal Settlements: A Case Study of Terra Nova in Brazil

Hannah Schneider
Ujamaa and the Egalitarian Paradox: The Correlation between Socialism and Contemporary Public Service Disparities Among Villages in Rural Tanzania

2020 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Zoie Chang 
Muslim Minorities in China: A Comparative Study on the Impact of Ethnic Minority Policy on Uyghur and Hui Identities 

Anna Beatrice Rose Chewter 
Microfinance and Social Hierarchy and Implications on Rational Choice Theory in Senegal and Kenya

Erin Elizabeth Hahn  
Distinctions in Diaspora: A Comparative Study of Palestinian Identity in Jordan and Saudi Arabia 

Sarah Molly Jacob
Those Who Return: An Evaluation of State Facilitated Extremist Reintegration Programs in Indonesia and Malaysia 

Refael Kubersky
Hezbollah’s Disinformation Campaign During the Syrian Civil War 

Brooke Elyse Lennox
The Achievement of Sovereignty by a Former Soviet State: Kazakhstan’s International Policies to Diversify Its Partnerships Beyond Russia
Recipient of Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and Texas National Security Review 2020 Janne Nolan Prize for Special Recognition

Megan Li-Lian Rossiter
Breaking the Silence: Exploring Variation in Acknowledgement and Redress of the Comfort Women Issue in South Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia

Madeleine Ekeberg Schneider
Wastewater and Wasted Water: A Comparison Environmental Management Institutions in Israel and the West Bank 

Josefina Maria Scriven 
Cultivating the Next of Kin: The Affinities in Argentine Women’s Collective Action through the Madres de Plaza de Mayo and the Ni Una Menos Movement 

Sachika Tomishima
Balancing Environmental and Economic Development of Chinese CAFOs—a recommendation to the 2016-2020 Guideline on Live Pig Production

2019 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Courtney Caulkins
Framing the Newcomers: Asylum Seekers and Border Militarization in the US and Australia

Marielle Dewicki
Combating Terrorism in the Digital Era: How Facebook and Twitter Can Aid American Counterterrorism Efforts

Audrey Gilmour
Bonds Beyond Borders: the Basis for Black-Palestinian Solidarity from Black Power to Black Lives Matter

Skylar Gleason
'No es tan malo’: Investigating the Effects of Denial of Mass Violence on Perceptions of Justice in Contemporary Argentina

Dominika Kocz
The Israeli Defense Force and Palestine: Examining the Effects of Military Socialization on Inter-group Relations

Maureen Makiko O'Bryan
Dutiful Daughters: an exploration of kinship politics through Park Geun-hye of South Korea and Keiko Fujimori of Peru

Chelsea Racelis
The Work of Memory: Justice for the Indonesian Genocide of 1965-1966

Neil Schwartz
A Historical Institutionalist Perspective on Israel's Basic Law: Nation State of the Jewish People

Aliza Sitrin
Managing Histories of Human Rights Abuses: Democratic Transitions and the Manifestation of Transitional Justice in Post-Dictatorship Spain and Chile

Cassandra Zavislak
Women in Terrorism: An Analysis of the Patriarchy via Al Qaeda and Hamas

2018 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Haley Dow
Learning from the Past: An Examination of Discrimination & Progression in Italian and Syrian Immigration Narratives in the American Media 

Julia Sofo
Perpetuating Inefficacy: Comparing Counterterrorism Policies in the Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations

Zoe Lauricella 
The Concretization of "Autonomy" and "Dignity": the Zapatista Uprising, the Nation, and Communal Organization

Cheryl Gordon 
Cubs of the Caliphate: The Indoctrination of Child Soldiers and the Perpetuation of the Islamic State
Recipient of Goldstein-Marshall Sahlins Social Science Award

Casey Chmura
The Case of Pohm Sammnang: Gastrointestinal Health in Rural Cambodia

Sarah Fisher 
America's Europe: Examining the Impact of American Involvement in European Integration

Mira Ruder-Hook 
Organizational Adoption of AI Through A Sociocultural Lens

Jacob Bailey 
Green Gold? An Analysis of Saudi Renewable Energy Policy from 1960 to 2010

Merin McDivitt 
La Tierra Más Hermosa, La Provincia Más Fiel- Land Most Lovely, Province Most Faithful: Tourism, Sustainability, and Revolution in Holguín, Cuba

2017 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Sabrina Bilimoria
Lethal Patriarchy: How U.S. Intervention Institutionalized Violence Against Afghan Women

Elisabeth Brennen
National Identity and Refugee Policy: The Divide Between Sweden & Denmark

Megan Cansfield
Cooperation Amid Competition: The Korean Peninsula Security Crisis in US-China Relations

Brendan Failla
ISIS the Governor: Strategies of Urban Control and its Sustainability

Charlotte Garrett
Inspired Lone Wolves: A Threat of Their Own

Jillian Goldberg
The Western Faces of Violent Extremism: Homegrown Terrorism in the United States and France

Emily Jablonski
The Potential Impact of Big Data in International Development and Humanitarian Aid

Tsukumo Niwa
Welcome “Home,” Students: Role of Japanese Education System in Supporting Kikoku shijo's Resettlement

Natalie Salive
Lions and Kings: The Diachronic Transformation of Lions as an Index of Power in the Middle East

Shefali Sood
Responsibility, Protection and Adaptation: The Climate Change Refugee Discourse in South Asia

2016 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Laurel Cerier
A Look at How the Dublin III Regulation has Facilitated the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Greece

Emma Costello
Justice for Whom?: The Gacaca Courts and Restorative Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Rwanda
Recipient of Virginia L. Voss Memorial Award-Academic Writing

Margi Goelz
Human Security, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, and Vulnerable People: Rhetoric, Solidarity, and Silences in International Human Rights Discourses on Syrian Women Refugees

Gabriella Hassan
Revolutionary Effects on Identity: Iran

Sarah Khan
The Racialization of Violence: A Study on Imprisonment and Torture Policies in the U.S., and the Impact on the International Discourse of Security

Nicole Kleiman-Moran
Implementation of the Peace Accords in Guatemala 1990-the Present: Cooperation, Complementarity, and Competition in relation to the government and NGOs

Michelle Ng
The Integration of Western Biomedicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Comparative Analysis of Perceptions in Beijing and Chicago

Daniel Sack
Family Planning Messaging Sources at Primary Health Centers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Miranda Veeser
International Goals Made Local: A Case Study of HIV Reduction in the Dominican Republic

2015 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Monique Becker
An Escape from the Perceived Rationalist-Constructivist Binary: A Look into Derogable International Human Rights Agreements

Pranavi Midathada
The Politics of Blame: Indian Media Framings of Rape and Gendered Sexual Violence after the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape

Mariam Salman
The 1990 Persian Gulf War, Sanctions, and the Impact of Health and Nutrition in Iraq

Minami Seki
The Dissemination of Gender Ideology by the State, Changing Gender Roles, and the Gender Gap in Employment in Post-2008 Financial Crisis Japan
Recipient of Patricia Kennedy Prize

Nour Soubani
Understanding the Vision of the Islamic Resistance Movement Through Its Rhetorical Strategies of Mobilization: A Historical Analysis of Hamas’s Documents and History from 1987-2006

Layne Vandenberg
Police Pacification of Rio de Janeiro Favelas in the Context of the 2014 FIFA World Cup"
Recipient of Goldstein-Raoul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award

2014 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Michael Casey
A New Age of Terrorism and the Emergence of a Global Intelligence

Zeinab Khalil
A Tough Transition: The Post-Coup Election and Its Prospects for Democracy 

2013 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Andrea Alajbegović
Comparing the Politicization of Abortion in the U.S. and Canada

Samuel Birnbaum
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt:  Reinterpreting a Mass Movement

Aaron Brewer
On the Merits and Logical Validity of Foreignizing Translation

Jordan Kifer
Como Ser Afro-Latino/a? -Expressing Afro- and Latino/a Identities in the United States

Brian Koziara
The Eurozone: an Optimal Currency Area?

Ephraim Love
The Effect of District Magnitude on Electoral Accountability and Public Goods Provision

Alyssa Maluda
We Ask the Prime Minister: Where is the Justice in that?

Christina Pechette
All's Fair in Drugs & War: An Analysis of the Southeast Asian Drug Trade and Its Implications

Michael Schmid
Cooperative Enterprises in Kathmandu, Nepal: Addressing Market Challenges through Cooperation

2012 International Studies Student Honors Theses

Maha Al Fahim
ICTs, Domocracy, Activism and Dictatorship: The Role of Modern Information Communication Technologies

Kevin Carney
The New Economic Policy: Affirmative Action in Malaysia

Max Friedman
Syria: A Predictable Future? Domestic Power Shifts in the Arab Spring Era

Angela Guo
User Fees in Primary Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

Min Joo Kim
The Impact of Social Networking Sites on College Students' Social Responsibility

Nikita Mehta
Women2Drive: An Examination of the Importance of the Driving Campaign in Saudi Arabia

Ryan Pavel
The De-Baathification of Iraq