“My favorite part of the U-M Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) is how collaborative the International Studies major is as well as how helpful the PICS advisors are. I always enjoy going to PICS events and meeting so many people with different passions and academic interests, but who are all bound together by a unified passion for International Studies. I learned a lot about the world, other cultures, and current events. I struggled when I first arrived at college because I did not know what I wanted to study. I was drawn to International Studies because it allowed me to explore my varied interests in global affairs, sustainability, and public health. Speaking to the PICS advisors really helped me understand just how flexible the major is and how I could use it to foster all of my seemingly unconnected interests. Having a space on campus that encourages this interdisciplinary blend has been helpful through my years as I continued to grow and change as a student. 

I am looking forward to taking some time off to explore the world that PICS has introduced me to once it is safe to do so. The major's interdisciplinary focus has given me a great perspective on life post-grad and what's next for me in the future. One of the best lessons I’ve learned from PICS  is that the best career paths are the ones that are innovative and keep adapting to our changing world. It has influenced me to be open to trying unconventional paths and learning as many life lessons as I can before settling into a career. The major’s flexibility and encouragement to explore the classes you are most interested in helped teach me that this same philosophy should be applied to life outside of school. I have decided to spend my first year working post grad in Ann Arbor as the business manager at University Flower Shop. I look forward to incorporating my education and lessons from my PICS major into my work there through sustainability efforts and community outreach, as well as taking time to explore the world around me.”

Marie High

BA International Studies (Global Environment and Health); BA Sociology ‘21

Hometown: Grosse Pointe Park, MI 

Affiliations: Sigma Iota Rho, Delta Gamma Phi, AMPM, Rock Climbing Club, Italian Student Association 

Future plans: “I will be taking time off to explore career options and discover life outside of being a student before preparing to apply to Law school. I will spend the summer continuing to work at University Flower Shop as a florist and business manager. I have a long term goal of finding the career that best fits me and still does the most good for the world, while being a global citizen.”

Fondest memory of her experience in PICS: “Studying on our floor in Weiser Hall and being part of Sigma Iota Rho - International Studies Honor Society.”

Is there anything you would like to express to your peers, parents, professors, or others?: “Thank you for your work in trying to make this year as normal as possible, and still honoring our graduation.”