The Program in International and Comparative Studies invites you to the International Studies Honors thesis defense.

Our students spent the last year working on a Senior Honors thesis in International Studies and starting on April 16, they will be presenting their work. Writing an Honors Thesis as a huge commitment, and we congratulate all students in the 2015 cohort on their achievements.

All sessions are open to the public. 


1:30-2:30pm, Thursday,  April 16, 2609 SSWB
"Police Pacification of Rio de Janeiro Favelas in the Context of the 2014 FIFA World Cup" 

Layne Vendenberg


2:30-3:30pm, Thursday,  April 16, 2609 SSWB

"An Escape from the Perceived Rationalist-Constructivist Binary: A Look into Derogable International Human Rights Agreements"

Monique Becker


2:00-3:00pm Tuesday,  April 21, 2609 SSWB

"The Dissemination of Gender Ideology by the State, Changing Gender Roles, and the Gender Gap in Employment in Post-2008 Financial Crisis Japan"

Minami Seki


1:00-2:00pm Wednesday,  April 22, 2609 SSWB

"Understanding the Vision of the Islamic Resistance Movement Through Its Rhetorical Strategies of Mobilization: A Historical Analysis of Hamas’s Documents and History from 1987-2006" 

Nour Soubani


10:00-11:00am, Friday, April 24, 2609 SSWB

"The Politics of Blame: Indian Media Framings of Rape and Gendered Sexual Violence after the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape" 
Pranavi Midathada


11:00am-12:00pm, Friday, April 24, 2609 SSWB

"The 1990 Persian Gulf War, Sanctions, and the Impact of Health and Nutrition in Iraq"

Mariam Salman