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Donia Human Rights Fellows Program


The Donia Human Rights Fellows Program is a two year program that recognizes University of Michigan undergraduate students majoring in International Studies who have demonstrated their interest in and commitment to the study and practice of human rights during their time at Michigan. The program represents an opportunity for the University of Michigan to recognize student achievement in this area.

Student Experience

The Donia Human Rights Fellows Program is a unique experience for students pursuing the International Studies major who have a strong interest in the study and practice of human rights. Participants in the Fellows program choose from a pre-approved list of U-M human rights related courses, attend Donia Human Rights Center speaker events, and complete a 7-week international human rights practicum course designed specifically for this program. Other opportunities include direct conversation with our speakers visiting campus, career advice, and a community of other students passionate about human rights work.  Graduation from Michigan as a Donia Human Rights Fellow sends a message that you have a strong foundation for future work in human rights, whether in the United States or abroad.


  1. The program is open to rising juniors (class of 2026) who have declared a major in International Studies.
  2. To receive designation as a Donia Human Rights Fellow, a student must:
    1. Attend in person at least three speaker events sponsored by the Donia Human Rights Center each academic year. 
    2. Complete at least 12 graded credit hours from approved list of courses with a focus on international human rights, with a grade of B or above. The complete list of courses from which students may choose may be found here. Students can complete the 12 credits at any time before graduation, including prior to registration for the program. Students are not required to complete any of the courses prior to seeking candidacy in the program.
    3. Complete INTLSTD 470 Donia Human Rights Fellows Program Practicum, a 1-credit, mini-course, during their first year in the program.  This course equips students with foundational skills to be human rights practitioners. Students will learn about the practice of international human rights through case studies, simulations, and other real-world cases. They will further learn the major norms and rules governing human rights protection, both international and national.  The course is offered during the Fall semester. Please check the LSA Course Guide for further information.
      1. The Practicum can count as 1 credit toward the Elective credit requirement for the International Studies major or can be taken P/F as general credit toward one’s degree.
      2. The Practicum does not count towards the 12 credit hours of human rights coursework.
    4. Students who are planning to take a semester abroad or at another university  must fulfill all the above requirements while on campus at U-M. Courses offered abroad or at another university will not count toward the 12-credit requirement. The three-event attendance requirement will need to be met during the semester while the student is on campus.

Application Procedure

Rising juniors, current sophomores, majoring in International Studies, seeking candidacy as a Donia Human Rights Fellow must apply by February 15th, 2024, on this Google Form. As students complete courses and attend the monthly lectures, they will be expected to update the information using this Google Form

Students will receive the designation of Donia Human Rights Fellow upon graduation with these requisites completed.

Program Acceptance

Students will receive an email notification regarding their acceptance into the DHR Fellows Program no later than mid March. 


Students may direct questions concerning the program to