Several Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies faculty and student affiliates will be at the 2017 Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Conference. If you will be at MESA, come join us at these various panels:

Samer Ali
Director, CMENAS and Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Why does Shahrazad Succeed?: Disrupting the Scapegoat Cycle with Cold Hard Cachet” 

Kathryn Babayan
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Fashioning Philosopher-Kings in the Post-Mongol Persian Cosmopolis, 13th-19th Centuries

Carol Bardenstein
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Representations of Jews in Contemporary Arabic Literature

Secil Binboga
PhD Student, Architecture
Tectonics of development: The Gold War politics of spatial expertise in Turkey

Ali Bolcakan
PhD Student, Comparative Literature
From multilingualism to monolingualism: Turkish language reform ad non-Turks

Dzovinar Derdarian
PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies
Traversing space and transforming belongings into nation and empire among itinerants of Van, 1820s-1870s

Shahla Farghadani
PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies
From the garden to the bathhouse: poetry, eros, and daily like in Isfahan

Fatma Muge Gocek
Professor, Sociology and Women’s Studies
Confronting Sexual Harassment in the Academy

Tugce Kayaal
PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies
War, orphanages, and print media: Gendering and nationalizing orphan boys in the late Ottoman Konya during the First World War

Nama Khalil
PhD Student, Anthropology
Iconographic battle: Visual responses to Rab’a Massacre

Jean Lachapelle
Fellow, Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies
Protests and Police Responses in Egypt between 2004 and 2011: a Comprehensive Dataset

Nancy Linthicum
PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies
Egyptian ‘girls’ writing’ and the politics of translation

Simone Prince-Eichner
JD Student, Law
Embodying the empire: Singing slave girls in medieval Islamicate historiography

Elizabeth Rauh
PhD Student, History of Art
An artist curating Islamic heritage: Ali Jabri and the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions

Bryan Roby
Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies
Repatriation and Transgressive Migrations of Mizrahi Jews from Israel to the Arab World

Marian Elizabeth Smith
PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies
Refiguring Timu the philosopher-king in the Safavid cultural imagination: accretions and interpolations to Hatifi’s Timur-nama

Leigh Stuckey
PhD Student, Anthropology
Undercover politics: Exchange organizations and minority identity in Turkey

Mark Tessler
Professor, Political Science
Arab Public Opinion Research: Challenges and Prospects

Melanie Tanielian
Assistant Professor, History
Nourishing Bodies and Souls: The Maronite Church’s Relief Effort in Mount Lebanon during the Great War

Duygu Ula
PhD Student, Comparative Literature
Towards a local queer aesthetics: Nilbar Gures’s photography and female homoerotic intimacy

Ana Vinea
Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Debating Law, Culture, and Mental Health: A View from Contemporary Egypt

Daniel Williford
PhD Student, History
Infrastructures of violence and zones of restraint in colonial urban Morocco