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Graduate Student Associates

Lina Alam

Ph.D., History of Art 

Research interests: Painting, film & photography in 20th century art; Marxism, critical theory & Black Studies; art of the African and Asian diasporas

Regional interests: Germany, France, UK

Jess Allen

Ph.D., French

Research Interests: Early Modern French Literature, Renaissance studies, women’s studies, genre theory, pedagogy and second language teaching, digital humanities

Regional Interests: France

Erina Baci

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: prehistory of Kosovo and Albania, geographic information system (GIS), settlement pattern analysis 

Regional Interests: Eastern Europe

Clarisse Baudraz

Ph.D., Sociology and Public Policy

Research interests: Migration and asylum law and policy, forced displacement and refugees, asylum eligibility, politics of membership and citizenship, postcolonial feminist socio-legal theory

Regional interests: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France

Anna Brotman-Krass

Ph.D., Spanish

Research Interests: Migration and diaspora population in Spain, politics of care, feminist labor activism, collaborative filmmaking

Regional interest: Spain

Grace Bruce

J.D., Law

Research Interests: EU integration, development finance, transatlantic relations

Regional Interests: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland

Luiza Duarte Caetano

Ph.D., Comparative Literature

Research Interests: revolution and violence, the Terror, European romanticism, aesthetics and politics, historical literature

Regional Interests: France, Germany, Britain

David Campbell

Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures

Research Interests: Literature, cultural studies, critical theory

Regional Interests: Western Europe, Spain

Luci Cook

Ph.D., Germanic Languages and Literatures

Research interests: Việt Nam in German literature, film, and culture 1960-1978; aesthetics and historicization of political movements, protest, and activism; German memory culture and the carceral state

Regional interests: Germany, East Germany, Vietnam

Maria Ferreiro

Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures

Research Interests: Memory, politics, law, justice, literature, film studies

Regional Interests: Spain

Anna Halstenbach

Ph.D., Political Science

Research Interests: Finance of political parties

Regional Interests: Western Europe, Germany

Jason Hawes

Ph.D., Environment and Sustainability

Research Interests: Urban agriculture in Europe

Regional Interests: UK, France, Germany, Poland

Qian Liu

Ph.D., Italian

Research Interests: Italian Contemporary Literature and Cinema, Migration and Diaspora, Postcolonial Studies, Urban Theory, West-East Criticism

Regional Interests: Italy, France, Southern Europe, Mediterranean

Nils Neumann

Ph.D., Sociology

Research Interests: social, economic, and political foundations of economic inequalities, with a particular focus on wealth

Regional Interests: European Union, Germany, France

Gala Patenkovic

Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures, French 

Research interest: Comic books, graphic novels, visual arts, museum studies

Regional interest: France, Belgium

Julian Schultz

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: Balkan prehistory, Neolithic - Bronze Age transition

Regional Interests: Balkans

Tanya Silverman

Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literature

Research Interests: Czech film, Czech literature, Central European Jewish literature, visual cultures

Regional Interests: Czechia, Central Europe

Eryn Talevich

Ph.D., Sociocultural Anthropology

Research Interests: Textiles and dress, magic and religion of performance/material culture, semiotics of clothing, "traditionality" in folk-costume and drag, queer studies, identity folklore, textile education

Regional Interests: France, Western Europe

Cressandra Thibodeaux

MFA Stamps Graduate Program

Research interest: German Indian Hobbyists

Regional interest: Germany

Iride Tomazic

Ph.D., Anthropological Archaeology

Research Interests: Late Copper age/Bronze age transition, Balkans, mortuary archaeology, osteology, metallurgy, health in prehistory, social identity, environmental pollution

Regional Interests: South-Eastern Europe, Carpathian Basin