In October 2017, 25 leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) attended the third annual NGO Leadership workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia. The workshop is an innovative program designed to strengthen civil society in new and emerging democracies by providing management training to NGOs. This year the National Endowment for Democracy joined as a fourth partner along with the Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia, the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, and the Pontis Foundation.

NGO leaders participated from 13 countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. They represented NGOs that focus on democracy, economic development, environment, youth, and civil society. Global faculty provided expertise and led lively interactive discussions on managerial and income-generating capacities, abilities to engage with both general public and government stakeholders, and international networking. Particular focus was put on advancing democratic accountability and rule of law.

A participant from Albania observed, “No matter if you come from a new NGO or a well-established one, this workshop is totally a must. I recommend it to all young and experienced NGO leaders/activists, as it will provide you with new perspectives and insights.” Ronald Weiser, who served as US Ambassador to Slovakia from 2001-04, supported the program through the Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia and played an active role in speaking with participants and providing his insights and encouragement.

Plans are underway to conduct another NGO Leadership Workshop in 2018, this time in Poland.

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