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WCED Summer Fellowships

WCED seeks applications from students in  B.A., M.A., Ph.D., and professional degree programs for a limited number of grants toward summer research projects or internships in Europe/Eurasia to better understand the conditions and policies fostering transformations from authoritarian rule to democracy. Awards range from $500-$2,500.

Deadline: February 15 at 11:59 pm

Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree programs at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Eligible students must return to campus for at least one term prior to graduation. Applicants for research grants may be at preliminary or more advanced stages of their research, and the research project must be at least one month in length. Applicants for internships should be prepared to identify the venue for their internship in a governmental agency, business, or non-governmental institution, and the internship must constitute at least a 30-hour-per-week time commitment for a minimum of six weeks.

Application Requirements

Note: The application for Summer Grants for Research and Internships in Europe & Eurasia is submitted using the online application used for several International Institute student fellowships. Please see the II Individual Fellowships page for more detailed information on application components.

  • Application form
  • Statement of purpose (1-3 pages) including proposed time period, institutional affiliation, your reasons for pursuing the project, and how this experience will contribute to your career goals
  • Project expense information
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae or résumé
  • Official University of Michigan transcript
  • Letter of invitation or description of in country resources (You do not have to have an internship Letter of Invitation to apply for Weiser Summer Grants for Research and Internships in Europe and Eurasia, but rather may upload a list of the internships to which you are applying in place of the Letter of Invitation.)

Reporting: A written project report will be required at the conclusion of the grant.


2019 WCED Summer Fellows

Natalie Cadotte, BA Organizational Studies (France)
Miriam Ernest, BA Public Policy (Austria)
Sofia Gabby, BA LSA (Portugal)
Raul Gălan, PhD Sociology (Romania)
Anton Lekocaj, BA LSA (Albania)
Luc Le Pottier, BS Physics (Switzerland)
Chris Li, BS Cognitive Science/German/Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience (Germany)
Aleksandra Luca, BA Political Science (England)
Andy Ly, BA Economics (Spain)
Konrat Pekkip, BA International Studies/Political Science (Germany)
Sarah Wheat, PhD History of Art (Germany/Turkey)
Alexa Zielinski, BA Creative Writing/Psychology (Switzerland)

2018 WCED Summer Fellows

Leah Bernardo-Ciddio, PhD Classical Art & Archaeology (Albania/Croatia/Italy)
Laura Bossio, PhD Anthropology (Germany/Kosovo/Serbia)
Abagail Breidenstein, PhD Anthropology (Sudan/Switzerland)
Carrie Morgan, PhD Anthropology (Albania)
Gyorgyi Parditka, PhD Anthropology (Serbia)
Lediona Shahollari, PhD History (Albania/Czech Republic)

2017 WCED Summer Fellows

Andrew Cabaniss, PhD Art & Architecture (Greece)
Vivienne Chi, BS Cognitive Science (Germany)
Thomas Cotten, MFA Creative Writing (Germany/Netherlands)
Claire Denton Grenchik, BA LSA (Portugal)
Genevieve Hummer, BA Economics/Spanish (Spain)
Nora Kuo, BS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Albania)
Wayne Li, BA Comparative Literature/German (Germany)
Chen Liang, BA Public Policy (Macedonia/Portugal)
Chelsea Lisiecki, MS Natural Resources & Environment (Greece)
Peter Meisenheimer, PhD Materials Science & Engineering (Switzerland)
Emily Moll, BSE Electrical Engineering (Germany)
Carrie Ann Morgan, PhD Anthropology (Albania/Kosovo)
Molly Ng, PhD Earth & Environmental Science (China/Denmark/England/France/Germany)
Anil Ramachandran Menon, PhD Political Science (England)
Rachael Rowley, BS Movement Science (Germany)
Anna Scheppele, BS Information (Germany)
Kellie Spahr, BS Biochemistry (England)
Yilun Zhao, MS Natural Resources & Environment (Greece)

2016 WCED Summer Fellows

Michael Abrahamson, PhD Architecture (Germany/Italy/Latvia)
Abbas Alawieh, MPH Health Management & Policy (Denmark)
Rachel Barr, JD Law (England)
Tara Bayer, BA International Studies/Russian (Ukraine)
Cody Cai, BA Art & Design (Denmark)
James Carter, PhD Italian (Italy)
Che Chan, BSE Materials Science & Engineering (Germany)
Nina Chen, BS Computer Science (Ireland)
Anne Desiderio, MA Higher Education/Middle Eastern & North African Studies (Georgia)
Morgan Fitzgerald, BA International Studies (England)
Ines Hadziegric, BA Psychology (Spain)
Michelle Helner, BA German (Germany)
Kate Marciniak, BA LSA (England)
Anil Ramachandran Menon, PhD Political Science (Belgium/England/Italy)
Brianne Recker, BA International Studies (Spain)
Caroline Gina Saab, BSE Computer Science (Germany)
Vincenzo Salvatore, PhD Italian (Italy)
Jasmine Smith, BA Sociology (Germany)
Natalie Steers, BA Creative Writing & Literature/English (Ireland)
Kirill Zhirkov, PhD Political Science (Netherlands/Russia)

2015 WCED Summer Fellows

David Beck, BA History (Poland)
Linda Camaj, BS Biomolecular Science/Spanish (Albania)
Xi Chen, MS Natural Resources & Environment (Switzerland)
Adrian Deoanca, PhD Anthropology (Romania)
Polina Fradkin, BA International Studies/Judaic Studies/Russian (Cuba)
Dustin Gamza, PhD Political Science (Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan)
Taylor Gunderson, BA International Studies/Political Science (Belgium)
Linh-Yen Hoang, BFA Art & Design (Portugal)
Ian Holtz, BA German/International Studies (Germany)
Marie Keith, BS Cellular & Molecular Biology (Germany)
Amber Krupp, BA Political Science (Belgium)
Amanda Ujkashi, BA LSA (Albania)
Nadia Vandergriff, MS Natural Resources & Environment (Switzerland)
Louise Wang, BS Environment (Albania)
Peixin Yang, BA LSA (Albania)

2014 WCED Summer Fellows

Dumitru Minzarari, PhD Political Science (Belgium/Norway/Sweden)
David Schafer, BA LSA (Bosnia-Herzegovina)