Adam E. Casey, Dan Slater, and Jean Lachapelle co-authored an article for the Washington Post's Monkey Cage column titled, "Taliban leaders are back in charge in Afghanistan. Can they control their own army? What we know from other victorious rebellions." The analysis is based on a WCED project run by Casey that generates new data on the origins and structures of all military forces in all sovereign states since 1945. The project aims to gather data on the modes of military creation and the long term legacies of military origins on political regime dynamics, and is the basis for a book manuscript that Casey, Slater, and Lachapelle are writing, provisionally titled "Warriors and Rulers: The Military and Political Order."

Adam E. Casey is a 2021-23 WCED Postdoctoral Fellow. His research broadly considers the relationship between external intervention and domestic politics in nondemocracies. Casey received his doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto in 2020 and was a 2020-21 WCED Research Fellow.

Dan Slater is director of the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies and professor of political science at the University of Michigan. He specializes in the politics and history of enduring dictatorships and emerging democracies, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. His research interests include comparative politics, international relations, world politics, and methodology.

Jean Lachapelle is an assistant professor at the department of political science at the University of Oslo. He was a WCED Postdoctoral Fellow in 2017-19.