The Copernicus Center for Polish Studies (CCPS) is pleased to present a rich slate of programming in Fall 2019, covering Polish art, history, and contemporary politics. The Annual Copernicus Lecture will be delivered by visual artist Artur Żmijewski on the relationship between his art and political engagement in the context of the past thirty years. CCPS will also feature the artwork of Stasys, through an exhibition of collages by the Lithuanian-Polish artist.

Several events are part of the yearlong celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (CREES). See below for the full schedule or visit our Events Calendar for details.

Fri, Sep 20, 5:30-7 PM
CREES 60th Anniversary Signature Lecture.
“The Ukrainian Famine: What We Know Now—And Why It Matters.” Anne Applebaum, author and foreign policy columnist, The Washington Post. Sponsors: CREES, CCPS. 1010 Weiser Hall.

Fri, Oct 4-Fri, Nov 29, 8 AM-5 PM
CCPS Exhibition.
Stasys Eidrigevičius: Collages. Sponsor: CCPS. International Institute Gallery, 547 Weiser Hall.

Thu, Oct 24, 4:30-6 PM
CCPS Lecture.
“POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Politics of History in Today’s Poland.” Dariusz Stola, professor of history, Institute of Political Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. Sponsors: CCPS, FCJS, HIST, WCEE. 110 Weiser Hall.

Mon, Nov 11, 5:30-7 PM
Annual Copernicus Lecture. “Working Around, Against, and Without: An Artist’s Excursion on Shifting Political Ground.” Artur Żmijewski, visual artist. Sponsors: CCPS, CREES, STAMPS. Stern Auditorium, UMMA.

Tue, Nov 19, 4-5:30 PM
Yiddish in Poland: Past, Present, and Future.” Benjamin Paloff, associate professor of Slavic languages & literatures and comparative literature, U-M; Karolina Szymaniak, Frankel Institute Fellow, U-M, and assistant professor of Jewish studies, University of Wrocław; Geneviève Zubrzycki, CCPS director. Sponsors: FCJS, CCPS. 2022 Thayer Building.

Wed, Nov 20, 1:15-2:45 PM
CCPS Roundtable.
“Poland’s Parliamentary Elections.” Benjamin Paloff, associate professor of Slavic languages & literatures and comparative literature, U-M; Brian Porter-Szűcs, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History, U-M; Geneviève Zubrzycki, CCPS director. Sponsor: CCPS. 555 Weiser Hall.