"The best class that I took as a part of my International Studies major was my 401 seminar on Humanitarian Dilemmas. This class introduced me to the difficulties of working in the humanitarian field and how professionals have to navigate conflicting goals. I always felt extremely engaged with the material, and the discussions that the topic created always challenged my perceptions of humanitarian work.

I found that, in general, the classes I took for International Studies added an element of depth to my other major, Political Science, and nowhere was that more obvious than in my senior thesis. I took a class on European integration for my regional concentration class, and it was the beginning of my development of the topic for my thesis. After a year of research, the thesis that began in this class I took for my PICS requirements led me to my post-grad plans.

In June 2022, I will be traveling to Northern Ireland to do a research fellowship with an NGO. The research I will be conducting will study the rights of non-Irish EU nationals in Northern Ireland following Brexit. I will be able to apply the skills and knowledge I gained through my classes to help disadvantaged people in the UK. I also probably would not have found this opportunity without the PICS department. I'm grateful to my professors and classmates in the department for helping me develop academically and prepare for my career after graduation."

Ciara Nolan

Majors/Minors: BA International Studies (International Security, Norms and Cooperation); BA Political Science ‘22

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Affiliations: Model United Nations at the University of Michigan, WeListen, PSIP

Future Plans: “I want to go into European policy or US-Europe relations, particularly US-UK or US-Ireland relations. I am going to Belfast this summer for a fellowship researching the rights of non-Irish EU citizens in the UK following Brexit.”

Fondest memory of her experience in PICS: “It was really engaging working with my peers in my 401 class and discussing pressing current events that related to our class material. In general, I enjoyed working with real world problems through my PICS classes.”