“When I first transferred to Michigan, I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue. My interests were broad and varied from Social Sciences to Natural Sciences to Business. It was during one of the LSA Major/Minor Expos that I found out how International Studies was so interdisciplinary and allowed me to also focus on firstly, my interest in current and global affairs as well as a sub-plan. I chose to specialize in Political Economy and Development because it truly allowed me to familiarize myself with economic markets and how they related to global affairs through the countless economic-related classes I took throughout my 1.5 years here at the University of Michigan.

That being said, one of my all-time favorite classes within International Studies was both INTLSTD 101 Introduction to International Studies as well as INTLSTD 401 Achieving Liberalization: Influences and Issues in Postwar Democratization. Both courses were taught by Dr. Anthony Marcum and I have been very impacted by his classes and methods of teaching which allow students to explore research topics and countries more in depth.”

Melanie Ong

BA International Studies (Political Economy and Development) ‘21

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

Affiliations: Korea Leadership Group (Outreach), Singapore Students Association (Treasurer), Bridges International, Rotaract Michigan

Future plans: “I will be pursuing a Master in International Business at the University of Auckland, New Zealand upon graduation. I hope to eventually go into a career that would utilize both my knowledge and skills within the field of global markets and international business.”

Fondest memory of her experience in PICS: “During a class on Postwar Democratization, we were allowed to choose a country we were interested in and conduct in-depth research to form a 15 page paper. This class was incredibly interesting and definitely one that has shaped my further curiosity into South Korea and its political history.”

Is there anything you would like to express to your peers, parents, professors or others?: “I am forever grateful to my friends, parents, and most importantly, my professors for their endless support during my college education. It has been far from easy, but I am forever indebted. To Michigan itself, thank you for the memories and friends I have met here that will never be forgotten. Forever, Go Blue!”