“When I first came to the University of Michigan, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I started with English and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN), but soon realized that I wasn't as passionate about my neuroscience classes as I was about other classes I took as electives. The classes that really inspired me were about people across the globe, like the courses on Immigration in a Globalized World and Education, Peace, and Conflict. While it was intimidating to completely change my major my junior year, I knew that International Studies was a much better fit for me and would allow me to explore and develop my interests in international development and relations. My decision was made concrete by my study abroad experience in France and Morocco. After living within another culture and integrating myself in a completely different environment, I couldn't imagine studying anything else. Through this all encompassing major, I was able to take courses from all types of different departments while also receiving a strong base within the Program in International and Comparative Studies itself.

I was also fortunate enough to take INTLSTD 399 – Learning From Experience: International Studies Undergraduate Internship and received credit and personal mentorship for my internship with a U.K. organization that distributes menstruation products and education to people who menstruate in the U.K., Uganda, and Kenya. I am so thankful for my time at the University of Michigan as an International Studies major, and I hope to work to combat gender inequality and disparities in educational attainment in the future.”

Isabel Saville

BA International Studies (International Security, Norms and Cooperation); BA English ‘21

Hometown: Marshall, Michigan

Affiliations: Intern at Freedom4Girls, a charity that donates menstruation products and provides education on period poverty, menstruation, and empowerment for people who menstruate; annual performer in Students for Reproductive Rights, and Justice's The Vagina Monologues; grocery delivery for Jewish Family Services

Future plans: “I would like to work for an organization that addresses and combats gender inequality and women's health issues on a global scale.”

Fondest memory of her experience in PICS: “Attending (albeit virtually this year) the PICS Alumni Career Panels and learning about all that has been accomplished by people with the same major as me.”

Is there anything you would like to express to your peers, parents, professors, or others?: “Thank you to my friends, family, and all of the people at PICS who have supported me in my education! I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Dr. Anthony Marcum and Dr. Michelle Bellino for all that you both have taught me.”