After having taken Economics 101 and 102, Megan Zabik knew she was interested in the business world but wanted to get a broader perspective on how economics impacted countries and communities around the world. Thankfully, her International Studies 301 course proved this was possible.

“I really enjoyed International Studies 301 Political Economy and Development … I like International Studies because taking a class that looked at economics more broadly and with a social sciences point of view showed me that this might be the perfect professional path for me,” Zabik said.

In addition to her experience studying abroad in Spain and volunteer experiences in Ecuador, Zabik said she had the opportunity to explore the entire university through her International Studies major. After graduation, Zabik will be pursuing her passion for business development domestically as a Venture for America fellow.

“Venture for America is a post-graduate fellowship started by Andrew Yang. It’s a network of fellows like myself and others all over the country and startup companies … A lot of graduates from places like Michigan and other schools were flocking to Chicago, New York, Boston, and San Francisco, and so the program diverts us to places like Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia, places that are trying to develop their startup culture,” Zabik said.

Although she hasn’t selected her placement yet, Zabik said she would like to work in Detroit and eventually complete a Masters’ program in international development or public policy.

Megan Lorraine Zabik

BA International Studies (International Security, Norms and Cooperation), BA Spanish ‘20

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Affiliations: The Quito Project, Council of Global Student Organizations

Future plans: “After graduation, I will be working with a start-up for two years to develop my business capabilities and knowledge with the fellowship Venture for America. I then plan to attain a master's degree in international development or public policy.”

Fondest memory of her experience in PICS: “I loved the ability to carve my own path with this major - experience the different courses that LSA has to offer and not feel limited. I am thankful for PICS' support of my summer internships and study abroad experiences as well.”

Is there anything you would like to express to your peers, parents, professors, or others?:

“Thank you to my family for their amazing support and encouragement throughout my college years. Thank you to PICS and U-M for the amazing opportunities.”