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February 2020

Sarah Hussain

BA International Studies (International Security, Norms and Cooperation); BA Spanish ‘20

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliations: Alpha Gamma Delta, Center for Campus Involvement, English Language Institute, Wolverine Wellness

“I grew up in a bi-racial, and more importantly, bi-cultural household, so being open-minded, accepting, and curious to learn about different communities is second-nature to me. I learned that not only understanding, but celebrating difference and diversity is a core part of who I am and what I strive to do, and is also a huge part of making the world more kind and compassionate. I decided to take International Studies 101 my freshman year at Michigan and it is one of my most beloved courses to date. My International Studies education has been such a holistic experience, including learning about the history of human rights through case-studies, writing policy briefs about conflict-ridden areas, and volunteering with the English Language Institute to support international students.

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in May 2018 to Cusco, Peru. In our time there, our group visited a wonderful non-governmental organization that was making it easier for indigenous girls to receive educations by providing them housing and boarding closer to town so that they didn't have to take the hours-long hike from their mountain communities to school every day. That day I realized what I wanted the culmination of my life experience and International Studies education to be: increasing access to and the quality of education for children in developing countries. In so many ways, my involvement with the Program in International and Comparative Studies has been leading me to and fueling my passion for this work, and I look forward to spending my last year of undergrad making the most of all that PICS has to offer!!”

Future plans: “I would like to work for non-profits and NGOs that focus on education equality and access by supporting grassroots schools and organizations and advocating for educational funding and improvement in nations around the world.”