The Program in International and Comparative Studies is receiving requests for INTLSTD 301 overrides for WN 2014.

We will not grant overrides for students who have not met the CICS (INTLSTD) 101 prerequisite and for students who are not declared as International Studies (IS) Majors. Students can add their names to the INTLSTD 301 wait list once the course is closed and if an opening becomes available, they may receive overrides per Professor Tanielian's consent. 

Students wishing to declare the International Studies(IS) Major, may do so after they receive their final grade in CICS 101 this fall. Declaration forms are available at

Students are welcome to attend the PICS Orientation session on Wednesday, Dec 11 at 12 pm, room 1644 International Institute (SSWB).

For any questions about courses or declaring the IS Major please e-mail Undergraduate Academic Advising, Program in International and Comparative Studies at: