Interested in the International Studies Honors Program?

This gives instructions on how to apply for the program. 

Students interested need to enroll in CICS 498.001. The first meeting of that class will be on September 9, 2013. By July 10, 2013, CICS 498.001 will be open to all students who expressed an interest. Students will be granted an override, and should register for the course if they want to be in the program. Not all students who want to be in the program will be accepted. If the student is not accepted into Honors, he/she will have the option of dropping CICS 498.001, or continuing in the course to complete a term paper. Applications are due September 5, 2013, by 5:00 PM, and should be sent electronically to Pat Lord at, with subject line “Honors Application.” 

Students will be notified before the September 9 class meeting of their status (accepted or not accepted). 

The application must include the following:

1.     A brief letter of support from a faculty advisor who will advise student on the honors thesis. This person should be a tenure-track faculty member at U-M (exceptions will be rarely granted and must be approved), and clearly indicate that he or she is willing to advise the student on the thesis.   

2.     A description of the project, answering these questions: What research question are you trying to answer? How will you go about answering that research question? What have you completed so far in the process of conducting this research? (no more than 2 pages single spaced, or about 1000 words maximum). 

3.     A transcript (official or unofficial)