Orientation and Q&A

If you are considering a concentration or minor in international studies you should attend an orientation and Q&A. The program director and academic advisors will discuss:

  • Prerequisites
  • Degree requirements
  • Sub-plans
  • Grants and internships
  • Study abroad
  • Job opportunities
  • The relevance of an international
    studies degree
Upcoming Winter Sessions
  • Tuesday, February 12 12pm-1pm
  • Thursday, March 28 4pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, April 16 12pm-1pm

All sessions are held in room 1644, SSWB.*

Your attendance at one of these sessions is strongly encouraged. We appreciate the efficiency of sharing the same basic information fewer times, and you'll get better information because more students asking questions means fewer questions you later wish you had asked. And the if you like what you hear, you can declare on the spot.

*SSWB is the School of Social Work Building, at the corner of East and South University streets. A half hour presentation will be followed by time for questions and discussion.