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Brushed in Light: Calligraphy in East Asian Cinema

Author: Markus Nornes
Publication Date: 2021

Drawing on a millennia of calligraphy theory and history, Brushed in Light examines how the brushed word appears in films and in film cultures of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and PRC cinemas. This includes silent era intertitles, subtitles, title frames, letters, graffiti, end titles, and props. Markus Nornes also looks at the role of calligraphy in film culture at large, from gifts to correspondence to advertising. The book begins with a historical dimension, tracking how calligraphy is initially used in early cinema and how it is continually rearticulated by transforming conventions and the integration of new technologies. These chapters ask how calligraphy creates new meaning in cinema and demonstrate how calligraphy, cinematography, and acting work together in a single film. The last part of the book moves to other regions of theory. Nornes explores the cinematization of the handwritten word and explores how calligraphers understand their own work.

Markus Nornes is Professor of Asian Cinema at the University of Michigan.

Korean Families Yesterday and Today

Editors: Hyunjoon Park and Hyeyoung Woo
Publication Date: 2020

Korean families have changed significantly during the last few decades in their composition, structure, attitudes, and function. Delayed and forgone marriage, fertility decline, and rising divorce rates are just a few examples of changes that Korean families have experienced at a rapid pace, more dramatic than in many other contemporary societies. Moreover, the increase of marriages between Korean men and foreign women has further diversified Korean families. Yet traditional norms and attitudes toward gender and family continue to shape Korean men and women’s family behaviors.

Korean Families Yesterday and Today portrays diverse aspects of the contemporary Korean families and, by explicitly or implicitly situating contemporary families within a comparative historical perspective, reveal how the past of Korean families evolved into their current shapes. While the study of families can be approached in many different angles, our lens focuses on families with children or young adults who are about to forge family through marriage and other means. This focus reflects that delayed marriage and declined fertility are two sweeping demographic trends in Korea, affecting family formation. Moreover, “intensive” parenting has characterized Korean young parents and therefore, examining change and persistence in parenting provides important clues for family change in Korea.

This volume should be of interest not only to readers who are interested in Korea but also to those who want to understand broad family changes in East Asia in comparative perspective.

Hyunjoon Park is Korea Foundation Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hyeyoung Woo is Associate Professor of Sociology at Portland State University.

Revisiting Minjung New Perspectives on the Cultural History of 1980s South Korea

Editor: Sunyoung Park
Publication Date: 2019

Foremost scholars of 1980s South Korea bring new perspectives on this pivotal period, expanding the horizons of Korean cultural studies by reassessing old conventions and adding new narratives

Rediscovering Korean Cinema

Author: Sangjoon Lee
Publication Date: 2019

The first comprehensive volume examining the state, stakes, and future direction of Korean cinema studies.

Entrepreneurial Seoulite Culture and Subjectivity in Hongdae, Seoul

Author: Mihye Cho
Publication Date: 2019

A lucid narration of post-financial crisis urbanism in Seoul and the vivid experiences of living through the city in transition


Cultures of Yusin: South Korea in the 1970s

Editor: Youngju Ryu
Publication Date: 2018

Korean Communication, Media, and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography

Editors: Kyu Ho Youm and Nojin Kwak
Publication Date: 2018

Transgression in Korea: Beyond Resistance and Control

Edited by Juhn Y. Ahn
Publication Date: 2018

Sport in Korea: History, Development, Management

Editors: Dae Hee Kwak, Yong Jae Ko, Inkyu Kang, Mark Rosentraub
Publication Date: 2018

Smartland Korea: Mobile Communication, Culture, and Society

Author: Dal Yong Jin
Publication Date: 2017

Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media

Editors: Sangjoon Lee, Abé Mark Nornes
Publication Date: 2015