The University of Michigan Nam Center for Korean Studies welcomes the community to our first ever fully virtual celebration of Korean Thanksgiving! Join us online for a week filled with exciting live events.

Our interactive 'Virtual Chuseok' website is now available for the public to learn about Korean Thanksgiving, find recipes for popular holiday dishes, learn directions for traditional games, and download lists of materials for crafts you can make at home! It also features a special discount code for Miss Kim Ann Arbor, a Zingerman's restaurant serving traditional and great Korean food made with local ingredients.

Live Scheduled Events

Historic Chuseok & Giveaway with Chef Ji Hye Kim

Oct 4th 1-2pm

We will be LIVE on Facebook with Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim Korean Restaurant in Kerrytown, Ann Arbor. She will be walking us through the history of Chuseok. What did the food look like? How was the holiday celebrated hundreds of years ago? How are we planning to celebrate this year? PLUS a chance to win a free giveaway of a Chuseok Meal Kit to make your own feast at home!

Giveaway rules: Given away at random to anyone who comments during theFacebook LIVE or within 24 hours of the LIVE. Winner will be notified on October 6th.

Attend this event on Facebook Live.

K-Pop Dance Tutorial

Oct 5th 7-8pm

Turn up the music with the Nam Center for Korean Studies for a K-Pop Dance Tutorial as part of our Virtual Chuseok Dae Party 2020! Leaders from Konnect [K-Pop Dance Group] will teach participants the moves to “More & More” by Twice.

Pre-registration for Zoom Webinar is required.

Konnect is a co-ed K-pop dance group whose mission is to create an inclusive community for those interested in learning K-pop dance by holding weekly tutorials and creating a subunit that performs at various events around campus.

Taekwondo Workshop

Oct 6th 2:30-3:30pm

Tired of sitting around at home as the weather gets cooler? Get moving with the Nam Center's Taekwondo Workshop as part of our Virtual Chuseok Dae Party 2020! Instructor Eddy Lee (Sang Heon) will guide participants through the Taegeuk Il Jang, the first of eight taekwondo forms. Eddy Lee is a 3rd degree black belt with 12 years of experience in Taekwondo. He also served as the captain of the Demonstration Team of Michigan Taekwondo for the past 2 years.

The University of Michigan Tae-Kwon-Do Club (UMTDK) was founded in 1964, making it the oldest martial arts club on campus. The club competes at tournaments in the Eastern Collegiate Tae-Kwon-Do Conference against other collegiate programs.

Pre-registration for Zoom Webinar is required.

University of Michigan Museum of Art Tour & Charye Activity

Oct 7th 4-5pm

Please join a collaboration between the Nam Center for Korean Studies and the University of Michigan Museum of Art as part of our Virtual Chuseok Dae Party 2020! The UMMA docents will guide participants through a live chu-seok experience, also known as Korean Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival. The interactive webinar will focus on objects used in cha-rye, a ritual used to honor ancestors often practiced during major holidays in Korea. Participants will even have the chance to set up their own cha-rye tables from the comfort of home! This event is for people of all ages, and no prior knowledge of Korea is necessary.

Prior to the start of the seminar, participants should allow enough time to complete the pre-activity: download the PDF, print, and cut out the objects. If they wish, they may draw and color in the cut-outs as well. At the end of the presentation, we will assemble the charye table together as a culminating activity using the cut outs from the PDF.

Pre-registration for Zoom Webinar is required.

Min Kyung Sung, or Min, is from South Korea and has lived in Ann Arbor for about 4 years. She’s a wife, mother of 2 sons, and an art lover. She’s a graduate student majoring in Art Administration at Eastern Michigan University and a docent at the UMMA. She is researching and studying art education through museum tours, so she uploads a YouTube video about Korean Art History every Saturday. Search for her channel at HooHooMom!

Yuni Aaron is a sculptor and ceramicist. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the States in 1980. She is trained as an architect and has practiced in Seattle and Cleveland. She recently published a set of cartoon books that reflects on life during a pandemic and the politics of 2020. She is eager to share her heritage with students in the Ann Arbor area in the upcoming presentation on Chuseok and Charye. Yuni enjoys learning about art and architecture and loves cooking, hiking and spending time with her amazing family.

Korean Storytime

Oct 8th 7-8pm

Join Eunjae Cheon for crafts, songs and stories in Korean! She’ll be reading and translating 솔이의 추석 이야기 [Sol’s Chuseok Story]  by Uk Bae Lee, 떡이 최고야 [Rice Cake is Awesome] by Nan Ji kim and 달의 맛은 어떨까? [What Does the Moon Taste Like?] By Michahel. Music provided by Andrea Yun!

We will also make a full moon craft together!

You will need:

  • A round traceable object (i.e. a cup or small bowl)
  • Pencil
  • Toothpaste 
  • Dark colored paper (blue or black)
  • Plain paper
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

Eunjae Cheon is from South Korea where she used to teach kindergarten. She is now a teacher for the Korean School of Ann Arbor. Once a month, she leads Storytime for the Ann Arbor District Library. You can find videos of the story time on the AADL YouTube channel.

Pre-registration via Google Form is required to receive Zoom Link.

Netflix Party: #Alive

Oct 9th 9-11pm

What better way to spend a spooky, chilly October night than watching the newest Korean zombie movie with friends? Join us on a Netflix Party to watch #Alive [#살아있다]! The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in total isolation. The film tells his story. We’ll be pointing out some interesting cultural aspects in the chat during the movie. Grab a blanket and some popcorn!

Pre-registration via Google Form is required to receive Netflix Party Link.