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PhD Students

David Chan
Asian Languages and Cultures
History of Chinese Religions, Cultural History of China, Chinese Intellectual History, South China |

Siwei Cheng
Social Stratification and Inequality, Quantitative Methodology, Economic Inequality, Life Course Research, Work and Family, Social Networks |

Angeline Baecker
Asian Languages and Cultures
Modern Chinese Intellectual History, Visual Culture, and Literature |

Katherine Dimmery
Asian Languages and Cultures/Anthropology
Modern Chinese Literature, Folklore and Religious Culture in Southwest China |

Yilang Feng
Political Science and Statistics
International Relations and Statistical Methods |

Yuequan Guo
Political Science
Comparative Politics; Political Economy |

Huatse Gyal
Social Change, Resettlement, Ecological Conservation, Space and Place, Tibet, China |

Eric Haynie
Asian Languages and Culture
Tibetan Buddhism, Religious History |

Yang Hua
Modern China, Soviet Union, Global/International History, Intellectual history |

Joshua Hubbard
History and Women's Studies
Transnational Histories of Nationalism, Eugenics, and the Body with Theoretical Investments in Post-Colonialism, Queer Theory, and Childhood Studies |

Ujin Kim
China/Central Asia/Morality/Nomads/Language Ideologies |

Jaymin Kim
18th & 19th C. China, Borderlands, Legal Imperialism |

Deanna Kolberg
Comparative Politics; Authoritarian Institutions; Regime Change in Asia |

Adrienne Lagman
Law and Legal Systems, Gender, Performance, Ideology; China |

Ho-Chak Law
Chinese Music History and Theory, Chinese Instrumental Music in the 20th Century and Onward, Chinese Opera, Chinese Musical Notations, Film Music, Javanese Gamelan, Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism, and Media Technologies |

Minna So Min Lee
Asian Languages and Cultures

Jin Li
Religion and Conversion, Discourse and Ideology, Historical Anthropology, History of Everyday Life, China, Tibet |

Sheng Long
Historical Anthropology, Landscape, Anthropology of Law, Environment, Archive, Memory, Kinship, Place and Space, Religion, Rural Societies |

Fusheng Luo
Social, Cultural, and Legal History of Late Imperial and Modern China; Colonialism, Treaty Ports |

Ruby MacDougall
Asian Languages and Cultures
Modern Chinese Performance and Visual Culture; Dance History; Gender and Space |

James Meador
New Media, Intellectual History, Russian Studies, Russian History, Russian Nationalism, Russian Intellectual History, Anthropology, and Anthropology of Religion |

Blake Miller
Political Science
Mass Media in Authoritarian Countries, Political Methodology, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing |

Tamar Ozery
Corporate and Securities Law, Comparative Corporate Law, Chinese Legal System, Law and Development, Legal Theories of Economic Development and State Capitalism |

Richard Reid
Historian of the Ming Dynasty, Contested Borderlands, Government, Autonomy, and Local History |

Mike Thompson
Political Science
Chinese Politics, Authoritarian Regimes, State-Building, Comparative Law and Courts |

Gerui Wang
Art History
Chinese Art |

Nicole Wu
Political Science
Comparative/International Political Economy |

Yujeong Yang
Political Science
Restructuring of Chinese State Owned Enterprises and the Chinese Labor Disputes |

Chun Lam (Charlotte) Yiu
Asian Languages and Cultures
Chinese Literature--in particular late imperial fictional works and their commentaries and English translations |

Xiaoxi Zhang
Comparative Literature
Iberian and Latin American Studies; Studies of Portuguese-speaking African countries; East Asian Studies; Critical Translation Studies; Comparative Cultural Studies |

Yu-chao Zhao
Paleolithic Archaeology and Human Evolution; Lithic Technology; Hunter-Gatherer Subsistence and Settlement Organization; Human Evolution and Environmental Change |

Xiang Zhou
Social Stratification, Social Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Contemporary China |