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MA Students

Tessa Raymond
Comparative Politics, Ethno-Security Issues |

Tessa's interest in China began at a young age, when she started taking Mandarin lessons at her middle school—soon followed by a cultural immersion trip to China. She has continued to study Chinese and has developed a deep interest in U.S.-China diplomatic relations. She spent the summer of 2015 interning at the DaCheng Law Firm in Shanghai. Since receiving her BA in International Relations from Michigan State University, she has worked in administrative roles within the university’s Asian Studies institutes and the University of Notre Dame.

Suyeon Seo is pursuing a Masters in International and Regional Studies with a specialization in Chinese studies. She graduated from Seoul National University (2015) with a BA in Chinese language and literature and a MA in Chinese language and literature (2018). She worked as a researcher at the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies. Her primary research interests are in the representation of sound in text and in the oral aspects of canonization and translation, and she hopes to extend her research into East Asia.

Wenjia Song is pursuing a Masters in International and Regional Studies with a specialization in Chinese studies. She earned a B.A. in English language and literature from Tsinghua University (2019). Her academic interests are in the sociolinguistic condition in China, and people’s identity construction through language use under globalization. She is currently looking at how people position themselves in relationship to the Chinese exports market.

Marie Sheehan
JD/MA Chinese Law, Political Science |

Marie is pursuing a J.D. and Chinese Studies M.A. dual degree program. She graduated from the College of Wooster in 2017, majoring in Political Science and Chinese Studies, and completed an undergraduate thesis that analyzed and compared disaster discourse in Chinese media after the industrial explosion in Tianjin and after the Sichaun earthquake in 2008. While in college, she also spent the summer of 2016 completing a research project at the Harbin Institute of Technology on the economic development of the northeast region of China, as well as studying in a Mandarin language immersion program. She hopes to deepen her understanding of governance and law in the People’s Republic of China while completing her master’s.

Chad Westra
Chinese History and Literature |

Chad earned a BA in Chinese and History from Calvin College in 2015. As a college freshman, his passion for Chinese studies took off. This interest was spurred by a semester spent abroad in Beijing, as well as living in Taiwan after graduation doing language study. He has also interned in Washington, DC at an Asia-focused organization and, most recently, worked for a Chinese American organization in Detroit in a bilingual capacity. Chad's primary research interests are Chinese history and literature.

Siyin Zheng
Comparative Politics, International Relations |

Siyin Zheng earned a BA in International Relations from Xiamen University in 2018. Siyin Zheng's research integrates comparative politics, international relations, Chinese politics, and Southeast Asian studies.