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Schedule: Understanding Media: New Perspectives on Ming–Qing Literature

Friday, April 12, 2019

Michigan Room at Michigan League, 911 N. University Ave.

Saturday, April 13, 2019        

10th Floor at Weiser Hall, 500 Church Street

8:45 Welcome

9:00-10:45 Panel 1: Situating Media



S.E. Kile, “Mediation in the New Qing Dynasty: Li Yu’s Critical Vocabulary”

Tom Kelly, “The Inscription of Lost Things: Zhang Dai’s “Twenty-Eight Friends””

Shaoling Ma, “Guo Songtao’s Phonograph: The Politics and Aesthetics of Real and Imagined Media”

11:00-12:45 Panel 2: Extensions of the Body

Lucia Tang, “Somatic Semiotics: The Female Body as a Writing Surface”

Guojun Wang, “Tracing Manchu Clothing in Early Qing Drama: Between Mediation and Experience”

Michele Matteini, “On Mid-Qing Disintegrating Surfaces”

12:45-1:45 Lunch


1:45-4:00 Panel 3: Performing Media 1

David Rolston, “Visualizing Chinese Drama and Theater from the Ming to the Qing”

Yinghui Wu, “Changing One’s Forms to Preach the Dharma: Multi-Sensory Mediums in Jin Shengtan’s Commentary on The Western Chamber”

Mengxiao Wang, “Staging the Buddhist Pure Land: New Media and Technologies in the Production of Buddhist Plays in Early Modern China”

Judith Zeitlin, “Music, Memory, Media: The Making of Elegant Tunes of the North (Beiya)”

4:15-6:00 Panel 4: Multimedia Fictions 1

Kaijun Chen, “Liquor Introduces Promiscuity: Illustrations to Jin Ping Mei as Interpretive Mediation”

Paize Keulemans, “The Acoustic Fog of War: Signal and Noise in The Three Kingdoms as Ming-Dynasty Novel, Hong Kong Film, and Contemporary Video Game”

I-Hsien Wu, “The Seduction of the Skeleton: Lady White Bone in Digital Transformations”

Day 2


8:30-10:15 Panel 5: Surfaces

Bruce Rusk, “Leafing the Fold: The Visual Space of the Xylographic Page”

Peng Liu, “Sensuous Medium: The Making of Su’e Pian in the Late Ming”

Ariel Fox, “Indebted to the Past: Late Imperial Motifs on Late Qing and Early Republican Banknotes”

10:30-12:15 Panel 6: Multimedia Fictions 2

Huan Jin, “Emulation, Rejuvenation, and Canonization: Mass Dissemination of Stories about the Strange”

Chung-wei Yang, “Fiction as Intermedia: Photography, Pictorial Journalism and the Formation of Modern Chinese Fiction in Late Qing China”

Sophie Volpp, “Medium and Materiality in Story of the Stone

12:15-12:45 Lunch


12:45-2:30 Panel 7: Performing Media 2


Yiren Zheng, “Acousmatic Mirror: Listening Awry with 17th-Century Literary Texts on Kouji

Joseph Lam, “Writing, Reading, and Performing Ming Chuanqi Drama Musically: The Case of “Happy Time” from The Story of the Western Wing”

Shang Wei, “The Story of the Stone and Southern Drama (chuanqi): A Cross-Media Approach”

2:45-4:30 Panel 8: Intermediality



Peng Xu, “Intermediality in Late Ming Theater: Portrait as a Prop”

Mike Hatch, “Text, Image, and Gendered Experience in Early Nineteenth-Century Figure Paintings by Gai Qi”

Ling Hon Lam, “Face Time: Courtesan Portraiture, Intermediation, and Sympathetic Ecstasy in the Era of Theatricality”

4:30-5:00 Wrap-up roundtable