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Manchu Studies Program

New Directions in Manchu Studies

May 5-8th, 2016 | University of Michigan

Thursday, May 5

Welcome dinner at Sava’s, 216 S State Street, 7 pm

Friday May 6th

  • Opening Address: 9 AM, (Cassel, Kicengge)
  • Morning Panel: 10AM - 12PM, Chair: Pär Cassel
    • Schluessel: “Emperor as Prophet: the Moral Exhortations to the People in Chaghatay
    • Levey, “The Return of the Jungars: Reconsidering the Flight of the Torghut.”
    • Afinogenov, “The Rectification of Names: Russia and “China” in the High Qing”
  • Lunch Break, 12PM - 12:45PM
  • Afternoon Panel I : 12:45PM - 2:45PM, Chair: Benjamin Levey
    • Borjigidai Oyunbilig, ”The process of incorporating submitted Khalkha into banners by Qing court in the beginning of Kangxi reign — centered on Lifanyuan Manchu documents”
    • O. Oyunjargal, “Mongolian Society under Qing rule and the Climate Change”
    • Oidtmann, "Amdowas Speaking in Code"
  • Afternoon Panel II: 3:00PM - 5:00PM (Chair: TBA)
    • Söderblom Saarela, ”Louis-Mathieu Langlès and the Manchu moveable type”
    • Porter, ”Manchu Language Education in the Hanjun Banners”
    • Kicengge, "Chance Meetings Between Manchu and Siberian Maps"
  • Dinner at Eve, 300 S. Thayer St., 5:30 PM

Saturday May 7th

  • Keynote Address, 9AM:
    • Mark Elliott, “ Manchu Studies Comes of Age: A Review of the Field”
  • Morning Panel, 10AM - 12PM, Chair: Carla Nappi
    • Wadley, “The Yargiyan kooli, how yargiyan is it?”
    • Fitzgerald: ”Kooli and the Making of the Manchu State”
    • He Bian, “On Scarred Bodies and the Old Manchu Archive”
    • Jianfei Jia, "Horse Theft and Legal Applications in Qing Xinjiang During the Qianlong Reign"
  • Lunch Break: 12PM - 1PM
  • Afternoon Panel I: 1PM - 3PM, Chair: Devin Fitzgerald
    • Kim, “ Stepping Stones: Career Trajectories of Qing Heilongjiang Generals”
    • Tawney, “ Bigger than Jakdan: 61 Unstudied Manchu Poems”
    • Carla Nappi, “A Song Sung Drunkenly: Jakdan and The Poetry of Translation”
  • Afternoon Panel II: 3:30PM - 5:30 PM, Chair: Pär Cassel
    • Matthew Mosca, “Origins of the Hafu Buleku Bithe”
    • Chris Atwood, “Looking for Words in All the Wrong Places: Using Cross-Dynastic Sources to Shed Light on the Vocabulary of the First Inner Asian Exchange”
    • Peter Perdue: ”Tulisen in Five Languages”
  • Dinner at Aventura, 216 E. Washington Street, 6:30PM

Sunday May 8th

  • Brunch at 10AM ? TBA