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Business Beyond Borders

Thursday, November 12, 2009
12:00 AM
University of Michigan Business School

Over the course of two days, the 12th and 13th of November, 2009 we will have three VIP speakers and five faculty moderated one hour panels, each of which are described below.Opening Keynote: Steven J Puig - 6:30 - 7:30 PM November 12thAll Day Conference 8 AM - 5 PM November 13th

Marketing Across Borders: The US Hispanic market is comprised of 50 million people from
across generations, national and cultural origins. Latin America as a whole represents an
approximate 1 billion person market, across more than 15 countries. This panel will explore
what it takes to understand, tap into and work effectively across these culturally diverse and
similar markets. If you ever had an interest in multicultural marketing issues, this panel is for you.

Finance 2.0: Uncertainty, growth and stability in Latin America: Did Latin America respond
well before one the worst economic downturn in decades? In a world where capital markets
jump borders every second of the day, what are the lessons the United States can learn from
Latin America? What will the interplay between Latin America, United States and the rest of
the world look like in the future? These are just a few of the questions this panel of experts
from the world’s leading financial institutions will explore.

Global Business Leadership: What does it take to excel in a global marketplace? What role
does diversity play in a global playing field? Hear from Ross Alumni who have becoming
leaders across the world.

Beyond the Company Lines: Corporate Strategy and Society: What does it take to become and
remain competitive in the complex socioeconomic environment that characterizes Latin
America? How do global companies devise and execute strategies across a diverse playing
field that innovate and respond effectively to untapped opportunities while returning value to
their board base of stakeholders?

The Latin Spark: Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a key force for promoting economic
development, social change and is a true expression of a culture's inherent creative spirit. This
panel will bring together an US based Hispanic entrepreneur, a leading Latin American
business incubator and a venture capitalist. These three will discuss issues related to what
makes Latin entrepreneurship unique and what the challenges and opportunities are in the
world of entrepreneurship.


• Steven J. Puig: Vice-President Private Sector, Inter-American Development Bank
• Darys Estrella: CEO Dominican Republic Stock Exchange
• Carlos H. Fernandez Mazzi: CEO of the Clinton Foundation's Clinton Giustra
Sustainable Growth Initiative CGSGI

• Carlos Garcia: CEO of Garcia 360o, Mexican, Latino Marketing Expert and Ross
• Juan Carlos Altmann: VP LAN Airlines, Chilean, Ross Alumni
• Ernesto Solis: VP LAN Airlines, Chilean, Ross Alumni
• Sebestian Melin: Head of International Relations - Octantis Business Incubator,
• João José San Martin, VP Human Resource, Alcoa, Ross Alumni
• Daniel Pagano, Director of Strategic Planning & Representative World Business
Council for Sustainable Development, Natura, Brazilian, Ross Alumni
• Israel Moreno, Director, Patrimonio – Hoy, CEMEX, Mexican.