The Persian Students' Association's (PSA) Sarvenaz Culture Show, held on March 30, 2024, provided a blend of Iranian art, music, dance, and poetry. The event, named after the Sarvenaz, is a type of Cypress tree deeply connected in Iranian cultural symbolism; the Cypress tree has long been emblematic of longevity, beauty, and a celestial connection in Iranian traditions. On this day, PSA celebrated the spirit of Nowruz—the Persian New Year—with an audience of well over 500 attendees!

The cultural night featured a diverse array of performances, including traditional Persian musical acts showcasing traditional instruments, regional dances reflecting different areas of Iranian culture, a haft-sin presentation, showcasing and describing spreads Iranian families put together in their homes to celebrate the most revered night of the year, skits bringing to life timeless narratives, and beautiful recitations of Persian poetry. These elements collectively painted a vivid picture of Iran's rich heritage, here at the University of Michigan!

Our audience consisted of Iranians and non-Iranians; we were so excited to hear about the positive experiences shared by people who came to learn more about our culture. We believe in the importance of learning from each other. The Sarvenaz Culture Show served as a platform to showcase the beauty, depth, and values inherent in Iranian culture. By spotlighting traditional art forms and narratives deeply rooted in history, the event not only entertained but also enlightened and inspired attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of Iranian heritage and fostering intercultural dialogue.

The success of the Sarvenaz Culture Show was made possible through generous funding from GISC. This supported us in paying for venue rental, audiovisual setup/lighting arrangements, and logistical support. We are deeply grateful for the support and look forward to future partnerships!


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