As the academic year comes to an end, we’d like to extend our thanks to those who helped to make our events a success, our congratulations to all U-M students and faculty on their achievements in 2018-19, and our warmest wishes to those who will graduate and start a new chapter of their lives this year. 

Ramadan, the Muslim month of celebration, charity and mindfulness, begins on May 5th. For those who celebrate Ramadan, want to know how to celebrate, or are new to celebrating Ramadan - Ramadan Kareem!

If you’re curious about how to practice & what Ramadan is all about, check out this video of Yara fasting the entire month of Ramadan for the first time! 

“The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is sometimes seen as a month of suffering. But it's actually a month of celebration and community. And that's exactly what Yara Elmjouie learned when he fasted for his first Ramadan.”

We wish the U-M community a restful and productive summer, and look forward to welcoming old members of the community and new in fall 2019!

Karla Mallette
Director, Global Islamic Studies Center

Samer Ali
Director, Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies