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Photo Contest

The University of Michigan International Institute (II) photo contest is open to all students affiliated with the institute and its 17 centers and programs through research, study, or an internship abroad completed between August 2016–August 2017.

Deadline for submitting photos is October 30, 2017.

For more information: 

2017 Categories:

Go Blue!: Send us a photo showing U-M pride abroad (clothing, banner, logo, etc.).

The World is Your Classroom : Illustrate a facet of your research, work, or study abroad (either inside or outside the classroom).

Not Just a Tourist: Capture the memorable moments, people, and events you won't soon forget.


Go Blue!: $200 and the winning photo will be featured on the II website

The World is Your Classroom: First Prize - $300; Second Prize - $200; Third Prize - $100

Not Just a Tourist: First Prize - $300; Second Prize - $200; Third Prize - $100

Judging Criteria:
Photos will be judged on subject matter, composition, technical quality, creativity, and originality by a select panel of U-M staff and faculty members.


We ask students to keep in mind the ethical aspects of capturing images of people and places. Please be aware not everyone wants to be photographed and not all places can or should be photographed.

Here are questions you can ask yourself as you think through the range of situations you’ll encounter:

• Could there be a tension between my intentions in taking this photo and the way the photo will be perceived by others, especially those in the United States?

• Is it appropriate in this context to ask the person’s/people’s permission?

If you plan to submit photos, know that certain types of content are restricted. We do not use photos depicting: life-threatening behavior, illegal activity, alcohol consumption, nudity, locations where we know your presence is prohibited, and customs that can be perceived as animal cruelty. We also prefer not to have photos of children, for their privacy and safety.