The International Institute (II) and the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan awarded $639,996 in support of research and internships to 175 students through 12 funding opportunities. Students will travel abroad between May 2017 and May 2018 to conduct research or serve internships in 80 locations.

The Rackham International Research Awards, which support doctoral and master’s students conducting degree-related research outside the United States, is over $279,000 in grants for research in a broad range of disciplines. The 11 fellowships and grants offered by centers and programs within the II awarded a combined total of over $360,000 to undergraduate and graduate students.

Research projects range from evaluating HIV treatment uptake and testing barriers in South Africa to studying behavior patterns in China’s medical insurance system. Internships will be with organizations including U.S. Embassies and NGOs.

Award descriptions and acronyms for identification purposes:

The Rackham International Research Award (RIRA) supports international research by students in Rackham programs.  Individual Fellowships (IIIF) support U-M students who are enrolled in a degree program and wish to participate in internships or conduct research abroad. The Samo Alajbegović Fellowship (SAF) is open to students in the College of LSA and funds research and internship opportunities in the fields of marine biology, biology, ecology, anthropology, archaeology, and the humanities in the Northern Mediterranean region—namely Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. African Studies Center Research and Internship Funding (ASC) is open to U-M students wishing to pursue summer or semester-long projects or internships with businesses and institutions in Africa. Armenian Studies Program Summer Research Grants (ASP) are open to undergraduate and graduate students whose research/projects are related to Armenian studies. The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Field Research Grant (LACS) supports graduate students conducting preliminary fieldwork in Latin America. The Islamic Studies Program Summer Fellowship (ISP) is open to undergraduate students taking part in summer projects in the U.S. or abroad in the field of Islamic studies.

The Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Research, Internship, and Fellowship Program Grants (CRIF) support summer research projects or internships in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. The Copernicus Program in Polish Studies offers the Copernicus Summer Grants (CPPS), providing support to undergraduate and graduate students performing summer research projects or internships in Poland. The Center for European Studies Summer Research and Internship Grants (CES) support undergraduate and graduate student summer research or internships for projects about Europe and European integration.

Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies Summer Fellowships (WCED) are open to undergraduate and graduate students, and support summer research projects or internships in Europe or Eurasia which engage the theme of “emerging democracies past or present.” The Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia offers the Kabcenell New Europe Grants (KNEG), provide funding for summer study, research, or internships in countries that became European Union members in 2004 or later, or are current candidate countries.


The 2017 grantees, degrees, areas of study, internship or research projects, and funding received are:

Azhar Aboubaker, BA international studies / Middle Eastern and North African studies, U.S.: Internship at Felicity Foundation (ISP)

Sahin Acikgoz, PhD comparative literature, Turkey: “Can the Lubunya Speak?: The Erasure of Transgender Subjectivity in Turkey” (RIRA)

Jamie Andreson, PhD anthropology and history, Brazil: “The Angolan Foundations of Candomblé religion in Salvador, Brazil” (RIRA)

Alena Aniskiewicz, PhD Slavic languages and literatures, Poland: “Consuming Culture: Researching Polish Hip Hop and Writing at” (CPPS)

Bolivar Aponte-Rolon, MS natural resources and environment, Mexico: “The Role of Biomass from Arboreal Ant Azteca Sericeasur on Nutrient Cycling” (RIRA)

Maja Babic, PhD architecture, Serbia and Macedonia: “Architecture on the Brink of the Iron Curtain: The Reconstruction of Skopje” (RIRA)

Hana Berishaj, BA international studies, Albania: Internship at European Movement Albania (KNEG)

Rebecca Bloom, PhD Asian languages and cultures; China, Nepal, and India: “Pictures to Live By: Uncovering an Iconography of the Buddhist Monastic Code” (RIRA)

Yael Braunschweig, MPH health behavior and health education, Ghana: “Retention and Practice Distribution of Obstetrician-Gynecologists in Ghana” (ASC) (IIIF)

Diarra Brooks, BA psychology, Macedonia: “Macedonia LGBTQ Needs Assessment” (CRIF)

Katherine Browne, PhD natural resource policy and behavior, Madagascar: “Climate Change and Societal Reorganization in Madagascar” (ASC) (IIIF)

Julie Buser, PhD health behavior and biological sciences, Zambia: “Newborn Outcomes and Maternity Waiting Home Utilization in Rural Zambia” (RIRA)

Andrew Cabaniss, PhD classical art and archaeology, Greece: “Cohesion in Diversity: How Households Form Communities in Ancient Greece” (WCED)

Cristian Capotescu, PhD history, Germany and Romania: “Preceding the Third Sector: Charity and Volunteer Work in Socialist EE” (CES)

Anthony Castaneda, MA Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian studies, Russia: “Post-Soviet Youth and the Future of Democracy in Russia” (CRIF)

Vedran Catovic, PhD comparative literature; France, Russia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina: “Satirical Literature in Context: Culture of Dissent in East and West Europe” (CRIF)

Christine Chalifoux, PhD anthropology, Uganda and Ethiopia: “Kinship and Christianity: Transnational Adoption in Uganda and Ethiopia” (ASC) (IIIF)

Priyank Chandra, PhD information, India: “Technology Consumption in Informal Technology Markets in South Asia” (RIRA)

Vivienne Chi, BS cognitive science, Germany: Internship at Study Clever GmbH (WCED)

Sheira Cohen, PhD classical art and archaeology, Italy: “Rich Infant Burials from an Elite Domestic Compound at Early Iron Age Gabii, (CES) (IIIF)

Kristen Connor, PhD anthropology and history, England and Uganda: “States of the Sky: Rainmaking and Meteorology in 20th Century Uganda” (ASC) (IIIF)

Jesse Contreras, PhD epidemiology, Mexico: “Diarrheal Disease and Wastewater Reuse in the Mezquital Valley, Mexico” (IIIF)

Emily Cornish, PhD history of art, New Zealand: “Embodied Materiality: Tattoo in Aotearoa-New Zealand” (IIIF)

Thomas Cotten, MFA English / Helen Zell Writers' Program, the Netherlands: “Amsterdam Holocaust Memorial Site Visits for Novel Focusing on Anne Frank” (WCED)

Linh Ngoc Dang, MPH epidemiology, China: “Predicting Mood Changes in Bipolar Patients Using Voice Acoustics” (IIIF)

Lisa Decenteceo, PhD musicology, the Philippines: “Musical Mediations of Indigeneity in the Contemporary Life of the Kankanay” (RIRA)

Claire Denton Grenchik, BA psychology, Portugal: Research Assistant at the Lusophone University (WCED)

Elizabeth Ditullio, BA international studies, Croatia: Research Assistant at Youth Initiative for Human Rights: Zagreb, Croatia (CRIF)

Sargeant Donovan-Smith, PhD anthropology and history, Liberia: “A Post-War (Re)Turn to School: Liberians and Higher Ed in the 21st Century” (ASC)

Celina Doria, MSW social work, Australia: “Interpersonal Violence among Australian Aboriginal Women: In Their Own Words” (IIIF)

Moustafa El-Kashlan, BA economics, Mozambique: “Interventions for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mozambique” (IIIF)

Martha Epperson, PhD educational studies, Chile: “Exploring the Changing Perspectives of Pre-Service Teachers in Chile” (IIIF) 

Leon Espira, PhD epidemiology, Ethiopia: “Environmental Pathogen Loads and Sanitation Coverage in Ethiopia” (ASC) (RIRA)

Madeline Farron, MPH health behavior and health education / epidemiology, Switzerland: “Global Health Governance and Policy in Geneva” (IIIF)    

Golriz Farshi, PhD Near Eastern studies, Iran: “Reconstructing Medieval Tabriz through Institutions of Knowledge Production” (IIIF)

Yilang Feng, PhD political science, China: “Chinese Private Firms and China's International Trade Policy” (RIRA)

Benjamin Finkel, PhD anthropology, Uganda: “Feeding strategies of old chimpanzees; Uganda” (ASC)

Morgan Fitzgerald, BA international studies, Macedonia: Researcher at Centre for Regional Policy Research & Cooperation/Studiorum (KNEG) 

Sydney Forrester, MS sustainable energy systems, Brazil: “Climate Change on the NE Brazil Subsystem: Capacity & Connected Communities” (LACS)        

Christopher Fort, PhD Slavic languages and literatures, Uzbekistan: “The Soviet-Afghan War in Contemporary Uzbek Narratives” (CRIF)

Amelia Frank-Vitale, PhD anthropology, Honduras: “Saber Vivir: Deportation, Migration, and Knowing How to Live in Honduras” (RIRA)          

Jennifer Frentasia, PhD political science, Indonesia: “Not Performing and Winning: Why Disengaged Legislators Win Election” (RIRA)  

Katherine Galen, MPH environmental health sciences, Chile: “Identifying Solutions to the Public Health Impacts of E-Waste in Chile” (IIIF) 

Nathaniel Gallant, MA Japanese studies, Japan: “Cosmopolitanism in Modern Japanese Religious Discourse” (RIRA)  

Joshua Greenberg, PhD medicine / economics, Uganda: “Impact of Pregnancy Tests on Maternal Health Beliefs & Behaviors in Uganda” (ASC) (IIIF)       

Amanda Greene, PhD English language and literature, the Netherlands: “Sublime Imperfections: Illness Narratives in Visual Social Media” (RIRA)     

Jessica Grimmer, PhD musicology, France: “French Provincial Conservatoires under the Nazi Occupation and Vichy Regime” (RIRA)     

Fatima Haidar, BS microbiology, Morocco: Internship at Rabat Children's Hospital (IIIF)  

Edda Hanafi, BA economics, Malaysia: Internship at Central Bank of Malaysia (ISP)

Matthew Harmon, BA communication studies / international studies, Poland: Internship at; Poland (CPPS) 

Heather Harmon, MPH health management & policy, Switzerland: Duke Summer Program on Global Policy and Governance in Geneva (CES)   

Craig Harvey, PhD classical art and archaeology, Turkey: “The Construction Materials and Techniques of Roman Baths in the Near East” (RIRA) 

Zehra Hashmi, PhD anthropology and history, Pakistan: “Biometric Belonging: Kinship, Identification and Security in Urban Pakistan” (RIRA)

Marianthi Hatzigeorgiou, MPH health management and policy, Germany: Consulting at Siemens Measuring Global Healthcare Systems & Delivery Models (CES)   

Whitney Hegseth, PhD education, Canada: “Comparing to Uncover: The Whys, Hows, and Whats of Schooling; Canada” (RIRA)

Kimberly Hess, PhD sociology, New Zealand: “Classifying Maori: The Effects of Race on Colonial Policy in New Zealand” (IIIF) 

Sean Heyneman, MS environmental policy and planning, Kyrgyzstan: “Master's Practicum: Ecotourism & Forest Communities in Central Asia” (RIRA)   

Rachel Hirsch, MA South Asian studies, India: “Ecology, Gender and Religion at Maharashtra's Stepwells” (RIRA) 

Huatse Huazejia, PhD anthropology, China and Tibet: “Divide & Rehouse: The Impacts of Tibetan Pastoral Abandonment” (RIRA) 

Cintia Huitzil, PhD anthropology / social work, Mexico: “(Re)Conquista: Immigration and Native American Reservations” (LACS) 

Genevieve Hummer, BA economics / Spanish, Spain: Internship with the State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid; Spain (IIIF) (WCED)  

Minh Quang Huynh, PhD educational studies, France: “UNESCO and Education Equity: Concept, Discourse, Practice” (RIRA) 

Jack Hyland, BFA art and design, Gabon: Internship working with ceramic water filter project and sustainability (IIIF)   

Jeremy Johnson, PhD anthropology and history, Georgia and Armenia: “Literacy Unveiled” (ASP)

Jallicia Jolly, PhD American culture, Jamaica: “On Survival: HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Young Mothers in Jamaica” (RIRA) 

Chelle Jones, PhD sociology, South Korea: Transnational LGBTQ Advocacy Network Study in South Korea (RIRA) 

Alec Josaitis, BS physics, Chile: “Understanding the Origin of the Universe through Scientific Diplomacy” (IIIF)  

Christopher Karounos, MS natural resources and environment, Ecuador: “Mycorrhizal Fungi's Role in CO2 Sequestration in Regenerative Cacao Forests” (LACS) (RIRA) 

Tugce Kayaal, PhD Near Eastern studies, France: “Regulating Emotions, Cultivating Attachment: War Orphans in Ottoman Konya” (RIRA)

Emine Kayim, PhD architecture, Germany: “Architecture, Surveillance, and Subject-Formation in Cold War Germany” (CES) (RIRA)    

Michael Keller, BA political science, Poland: Internship with at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, Poland (CPPS) 

Komel Khan, BA psychology, U.S.: Internship with Felicity Foundation (ISP)  

Vishal Khandelwal, PhD history of art, India: “Planned Housing in India 1947-1964: Discourse, Design, Economic Development” (RIRA)  

Ngwe Kien Kimbeng Belinda, MSW social work, Kenya: Internship at International Peace Initiative (ASC)

Andrew Kinzer, MS environmental policy and planning, Kenya: “Forest Resource Use and Household Livelihood Trends” (ASC) (IIIF) 

Kris Klein Hernandez, PhD American culture, Mexico: “Racialized States, Military Zones, and Border Lands” (RIRA) 

Deanna Kolberg, PhD political science, Ecuador: “Exploring Commitment to Vertical and Horizontal Accountability in Ecudaor” (LACS)

Ozgecan Korkmaz, PhD anthropology, Turkey and England: “Ethics of Change: Moral Subjecthood and Responsibility in Rural Kurdistan” (ASP) (RIRA)

Victoria Koski-Karell, PhD anthropology, Haiti: “An Anthropologist's Perspective on a Cholera Elimination Program in Haiti” (LACS)

Sean Kramer, PhD history of art, France and England: “Selling War: Global Networks of French Military Art, 1871-1914” (RIRA) 

Nora Kuo, BS ecology and evolutionary biology, Albania: Internship at the National Coastal Agency of Albania (IIIF) (WCED)

Change Kwesele, PhD social work, Zambia: “Developmental Psychology: Defining Well-being among Zambian University Students through Photovoice” (ASC)

Nathalie Lambrecht, PhD nutritional sciences, Ghana: “Assessing the Impact of Animal Husbandry on Anemia in Ghana” (IIIF)

Brenna Larson, PhD history of art, Italy: “Intercultural and Intermedial Negotiations in the Blu di Genova” (CES)

Zoey Laskaris, PhD epidemiology, Ghana: “Electronic Waste and the Workers Who Dig Its Grave” (RIRA) 

Ho Law, PhD musicology, Hong Kong and Taiwan: “Revisiting Mid-20th Century Performative Cinematization of China in Archive” (RIRA)  

Tina Le, PhD history of art, the Philippines: “Spoiling the Senses: Philippine Conceptualism under Marcos Martial Law” (RIRA)

Tonhi Lee, PhD English language and literature, England: “Devotion as Historical Imagination in Late Medieval Crusade Romances” (CES)

Wayne Li, BA German and comparative literature, Germany: U-M German Department Summer Internship Program (WCED)

Chen Liang, BA LSA undeclared, Portugal and Macedonia: Internships with Macedonia public policy and Portugal neuroscience R&D (IIIF) (WCED)

Laurie Liu, BBA business administration, Hong Kong: Internship in Hong Kong (IIIF)  

Sheng Long, PhD anthropology, China: “Numbering Land: Social Category and Geography in Rural China Reform” (RIRA)

Noah Lybik, BS microbiology, Ecuador: “Mapping Access to Improved Water Sources in Borbon, Esmeraldas” (IIIF) 

fern MacDougal, MS natural resources and environment, Mexico: “Effects of Vegetative Connectivity on Azteca Foraging Area” (RIRA)  

Laura Magnusson, MFA fine art, Mexico and Costa Rica: Creative Field Research with the Portable Bivalve Office (IIIF) (LACS)

Paolo Maranzana, PhD classical art and archaeology, Turkey: “The Growth and Decline of Specialized Industries in Late Roman Anatolia” (RIRA)  

Aleksandra Marciniak, PhD Slavic languages and literatures, Russia: “Analyzing Contemporary Television Biographies of a Russian Cult Poet” (CRIF)

McKenna Marko, PhD Slavic languages & literatures, Hungary and Croatia: “Dying Memory: Post-Holocaust Narratives in Contemporary Hungary and Croatia” (CRIF)

Mariel Martinez Alvarez, PhD romance languages and literatures, Cuba: “The Avant-Garde Cuban Theater in the Emergence of Cuban Global Citizenship; Cuba” (LACS)

Tansy Massey-Green, BS biology, Slovenia: Lab Assistant to Phytoplankton Ecology Research and Biodiversity Research (SAF)

Nina Masters, MPH epidemiology, Ethiopia: “Vaccine Hesitancy among Caregivers of Young Children in Ethiopia” (IIIF)

Promise McEntire, PhD anthropology, Burkina Faso: “Language Socialization, Gender, and Agency in the ‘Development’ Context” (ASC)

Brooke McWherter, MS environmental justice / conservation ecology, Bolivia: “Changing Valuation of Wildlife Species in Tacanan Communities, Bolivia” (RIRA)  

Peter Meisenheimer, PhD engineering, Switzerland: “Engineering Functional Properties in Entropy Stabilized Oxides” (WCED)

Anil Ramachandran Menon, PhD political science, England and Italy: “Memories of War and the Project of European Integration” (CRIF)

Lynn Metz, MPH global health epidemiology, Guatemala: “Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Guatemala” (IIIF)

Emily Moll, BSE engineering, Germany: Internship with Opel (WCED)

Carrie Morgan, PhD anthropology, Albania and Kosovo: “Language, Personhood, and Territory in Contemporary Albania and Kosovo” (CRIF)

Ellen Mork, MPH health management and policy, Rwanda: “Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Services in Rwanda” (ASC)

Patricia Moss, PhD musicology, Germany: “Interpreting Musical Difference in the Operas of Richard Strauss” (RIRA)

Wenyang Mu, MLArch landscape architecture, Costa Rica: “Improving Bijagual Watershed Health and Engaging Communities in Monitoring” (LACS) 

Pamela Murillo Rojas, PhD ecology and evolutionary biology, Costa Rica: “Can Generalist Mites Evolve from Specialists Mites in the Family Acaridae?” (RIRA)  

Brenna Murphy, MFA art and design, France: “The Space between Threads: Grief, Process, and the Act of Making” (RIRA) 

Sauda Nabukenya, PhD history, Uganda: “Land, Chiefs, and Traditional Institutions and Law Development in Uganda” (IIIF)

Tochukwu Ndukwe, BS movement science, Zambia: “The Global Impact of Microbes” (ASC) 

Swapna Nelaballi, PhD anthropology, Indonesia: “Assessing the Relative Effectiveness of Primates as Seed Dispersers” (IIIF)

Molly Ng, PhD earth and environmental science; China, Denmark, England, France, and Germany: “Linking Functional Traits and Distribution in Dawn Redwoods” (CES)

Thomas O'Mealia, PhD political science, Democratic Republic of the Congo: “Coercive Institutions and State-Building in Low-Capacity States” (IIIF)

Elizabeth Oliphant, BS earth and environmental science, Brazil: “Expanding Accessibility to Data on the Pantanal's Climate and Water Levels” (IIIF)

Audrey Pallmeyer, MS natural resources and environment, Costa Rica: “Improving Bijagual Watershed Health and Engaging Communities in Monitoring” (LACS)

Gyorgyi Parditka, PhD anthropology, Hungary and Serbia: “Changes at the Dawn of Late Bronze Age in South Carpathian Basin” (CRIF)

Ariana Paredes-Vincent, BA international studies, Senegal: “Combatting HIV Transmission within the MSM Community in Dakar, Senegal” (ASC)

Kyra Pazan, PhD anthropology, Lesotho and South Africa: “Lean on Me: Social Networks and Lithic Technology in MIS 3 Lesotho” (ASC) 

Konrat Pekkip, BA LSA undeclared, Croatia: Assistant to the Education Centre Coordinator at GONG (KNEG)

Adolmary Pena, PhD anthropology, Dominican Republic: “Making Tourist Spaces: Infrastructure, Aesthetics, and Renewal in Dominican Republic” (LACS)

Maria Pensa, PhD romance languages and literatures, Argentina: “Exploring Cartography and Contested Discourses of the Colonial Chaco” (LACS)

Sandra Plamondon, BBA business administration, Japan: Internship in marketing and research (IIIF)

Chanon Praepipatmongkol, PhD history of art, Thailand: “Fernando Zobel, Chang Saetang, and the Mediation of Belief” (RIRA) 

Christopher Pumford, BA political science / international studies, Canada: Internship in Ottawa (IIIF)  

Victoria Rai, BS biophysics / economics, Ghana: “Factors Related to Maternal and Early Neonatal Mortality in Ghana” (ASC) (IIIF)

Taha Abdul Rauf, PhD social work / political science, India: “Determinants of Political Mobilization: Religious Institutions, and Market Returns” (RIRA)

Zaryff Razali, BA economics / history, Singapore: Research at National Library and Archives, and Singapore National University (ISP) 

Raghav Reddy, PhD engineering, Bangladesh: “Sustainability of Safe Water Supply Options in Bangladesh” (RIRA)

Thomas Rice, PhD astronomy, Denmark: “Studying the Origins of Earth's Nitrogen via Protostellar Modeling” (RIRA)

Caroline Richburg, BS anthropology / chemistry, India: “Combatting Malnutrition in Mumbai” (IIIF)

Erin Rogers, MPH global health epidemiology, Zambia: “Examining Reproductive Health Accessibility in Lusaka, Zambia” (ASC) (IIIF)

Rachael Rowley, BS movement science. Germany: “Understanding German Healthcare through the Eyes of a Pflegedienst” (WCED)

Angela Rudnicki, MPH epidemiology, South Africa: “Evaluating HIV Treatment Uptake and Testing Barriers in South Africa” (ASC) (IIIF)

Martin Ruiz Mendoza, PhD romance languages and literatures, Colombia: “The Quest for Empathy in Contemporary Colombian Theater” (IIIF)

Sangita Saha, PhD history / women's studies, India: “Transforming Labor, Constructing Selves: Studying Women's Autobiographies” (IIIF) 

Anna Scheppele, BS information, Germany: Internship in Berlin (IIIF) (WCED)  

Sharmi Sen, PhD anthropology, Ethiopia: “Examining the Role of Male ‘Follower’ Strategy in Geladas” (ASC) 

Jennifer Sierra, PhD anthropology, Peru: “Discursive Practices in Online Social Media by Amazonian Youth” (LACS) 

Kellie Spahr, BS chemistry, England: “IInvestigating the Role of MicroRNA in Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer” (WCED)

Walker Stinnette, MS conservation ecology, Costa Rica: “Improving Bijagual Watershed Health and Engaging Communities in Monitoring” (LACS) 

Kristefer Stojanovski, PhD health behavior and health education, Macedonia: “LGBTQetc Community Needs Assessment in Macedonia” (CRIF)

Anne Stratton, PhD natural resources and environment, Brazil: “Impacts of Agroecology on Soil and Crop Quality for Nutrition in Brazil” (IIIF) (LACS)

Shuqiao Sun, PhD economics, China: “Birth Timing and Self-fulfilling Human Capital Investments” (RIRA)

Nikolas Sweet, PhD anthropology, Senegal: “Verbal Play and the Construction of Relatedness in Southeastern Senegal” (ASC)

Hal Terry, BA ecology, evolution, and biodiversity, Slovenia: Lab Assistant at National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station (SAF)

Fabiola Torralba, MFA dance, Germany: “Transnational Queer People of Color Migrant Identities” (IIIF)

Coleen Truong, BA business administration / biopsychology, India: Internship with Piramal Swasthya in Hyderabad (IIIF)

Kimberly Truong, BA sociology, Croatia: Internship with GONG (CRIF) 

Alexander Tye, PhD earth and environmental science, Azerbaijan: “Understanding the Transition from Subduction to Collision in the Caucasus” (CRIF) (RIRA)

Saquib Usman, PhD anthropology, France and Morocco: “Seeing Blindness in Structure, Culture, and Politics” (ASC) (CES)

Chatura Vaidya, PhD ecology and evolutionary biology, Mexico: “Tradeoffs and Synergies between Ecosystem Services in Coffee Agroecosystems” (LACS)

Conner VanderBeek, PhD musicology, England: “Musical and Media Aspects of Identity Formation among British Sikh Families” (IIIF)

Matthew Vedrin, PhD engineering, Gabon: “Understanding Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Rural Gabonese Communities” (ASC) (IIIF)

Rhea Verma, BSE engineering, India: Internship with SNEHA Mobile Health Van (IIIF)

Vijay Vobbilisetty, BSE engineering, India: “Functional Characterization of iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes” (IIIF)  

Riley Wagner, MPH health behavior and health education / epidemiology, Mozambique: “Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents in Mozambique” (IIIF)

Richard Watkins, MPH epidemiology, Tanzania: “Etiologic Factors Related to Differences in Esophageal Cancer in Tanzania” (ASC)

Tara Weinberg, PhD history, South Africa: “Law, Property, and Power: History of Land Claims in 20th Century South Africa” (ASC) (IIIF) 

Brad Weiss, MS environmental informatics, Costa Rica: “Improving Bijagual Watershed Health and Engaging Communities in Monitoring; Costa Rica” (LACS)

Elizabeth Werren, PhD anthropology, Brazil: “Genetic Susceptibility Underlying Zika Virus-Induced Microcephaly in Brazil” (LACS)

Amanda C West, BA philosophy, politics, and economics, Albania: Program Assistant for the National Coastal Authority of Albania (CRIF) (IIIF)  

Lauren Whitmer, PhD social work / anthropology, Peru: “When Help Does More Harm than Good: Mujeres Abusadas in Lambayeque, Peru” (RIRA)

Holly Whitney, MPH epidemiology, Ecuador: “Impact of Climate Change on Water System Infrastructure in Rural Ecuador” (IIIF)

Yuqing Xia, MS information, Greece: “Habitat Modeling of Common Dolphin Delphinus Dolphins in the Aegean Sea” (CES)

Xiaoyang Ye, PhD higher education, China: “Improving College Choice for the Poorest Students” (RIRA)

Magdalena Zegarra, PhD anthropology, Peru: “Growing Old on the Margins: Exploring Intimacy, Abandonment, and Care” (RIRA)

Hunter Zhao, BS history / sociology, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Internship with the Post-Conflict Research Center (SAF)

Yilun Zhao, MS conservation ecology, Greece: “Factors Shaping Reproductive Investment in Wildlife” (WCED)

Kirill Zhirkov, PhD political science, Germany: “Growing Diversity and the Future of Social Democracy in Europe” (CES) (RIRA)

Yongwen Zhuang, MS biostatistics, China: “Study of Behavioral Patterns in China's Medical Insurance System” (IIIF)