Top Row (left to right): ABIGAIL KUHN, Charlotte Middle School; ANTHONY ZANIN, Hutto High School; BRYAN WILLIAMS, Pritzker College Prep; CHRISTINE SLOAN, Lakeshore High School

Middle Row (left to right): DEANNA JONES, El Camino Jr. High School; ELISABETH WOOD-WALLACE, University of Detroit Jesuit High School; JENNY OSTER, Houghton Lake Community Schools; MEGAN Cummins, Midland High School

Bottom Row (left to right): ROBIN ROBERTS, Frankenmuth High School; SAM NESS, Copper Canyon High School; SHAROLYN STAUFFER, Star Valley High School; STENN JEDELE, Dearborn High School

- - - 

Meet this year's fellows!

The MENA-SEA Teacher Program is excited this year to extend its impact and outreach beyond its home state of Michigan. Funded by Title VI awards granted by the US Department of Education to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies, the year-long program trains a cohort of school educators in deepening their understanding and appreciation of religious and cultural diversity in the regions of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and of Southeast Asia (SEA).