According to results published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, 28 students from the University of Michigan have received Fulbright grants—the largest number for any public institution. In addition, six U-M faculty scholars were awarded grants through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program.

At the university, the International Institute advises and assists applicants for both programs throughout the application process.

"These results reflect the quality of our students and the tremendous effort of the faculty and staff at the II in preparing students for this competition," said Pauline Jones Luong, the II's Director. "They are a testament to the university's broader commitment to international experiences and education." 

The Fulbright Student Program makes fellowships available to approximately 1,900 U.S. students annually to study, conduct research, teach English, or train in the creative arts in more than 140 countries worldwide. Over 1,100 U.S. college and university faculty and professionals are awarded Fulbright grants to teach and conduct research annually through the Fulbright Scholar Program.


Fulbright U.S. Student Grantees for the University of Michigan

The 2014-2015 U-M Fulbright U.S. Student grantees, their degrees*, colleges/schools (and departments/programs), Fulbright host countries, and Fulbright projects include:

Julia Adams, B.A., LSA (Asian Studies); Taiwan; English Teaching Assistantship

Sophie Boudreau, B.A., LSA (Screen Arts & Cultures); Malaysia; English Teaching Assistantship

Michelle Brown, M.F.A., LSA (Poetry); Kazakhstan; “The Boundary's Presencing: Meditations on Hybridity”

Paula Curtis, Ph.D., LSA (History); Japan; “Forging Power: Metal Casters and Collaborative Networks in Late Medieval Japan”

Ziazan Davidian, B.A., LSA (Linguistics, Near Eastern Studies); Armenia; English Teaching Assistantship

Meghan Forbes, Ph.D., LSA (Czech Literature, German Studies); Germany; “A Mapping of Multiple Centers : Czechs and Germans at the Bauhaus”

Tucker Gaegauf, B.A., LSA (German, History); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

Steven Goldbaum, B.A., LSA (History); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

Jillian Gross, Ph.D., School of Education (Organizational Behavior & Management); India; “Community Colleges in the Indian Context”

Kelicia Hollis, M.A., School of Education (Higher Education); China; “Chinese Students Preparation, Expectations & Success”

Miles Johnson, B.A., LSA (International Studies, Spanish); Colombia; English Teaching Assistantship

Kaitlin Keane, B.A., LSA (Organizational Studies, Women’s Studies); Korea, South; English Teaching Assistantship

Mariam Khan, B.A., LSA (Religion); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

Jenny Kreiger, Ph.D., LSA (Classical Art and Archaeology); Italy; “The Business of Commemoration: a Comparative Study of Catacomb Workshops of Naples & Rome”

Henry Leung, M.F.A., LSA (Fiction); Hong Kong; “Any Other Way of Telling: Aesthetic Discontinuity in Literary Hong Kong”

Anna MacCourt, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology and History); India; “Courts, Kings and Clerics: Archaeology and History of Elite Culture in Ancient Gujarat”

Aaron Martin, B.A., LSA (German Studies); Russia; English Teaching Assistantship

Ashley Miller, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art, Museum Studies); Morocco; “Representing Cultural Heritage in French Colonial Morocco, ca. 1880-1930”

Christine Sargent, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); Jordan; “Disability, Citizenship, and the Politics of Inclusion in Jordan”

Aleksandr Sklyar, Ph.D., LSA (Sociocultural Anthropology); Japan; “Voluntary Relocation: Family Decisions in Post-Fukushima Japan”

Katherine Steen, B.A., LSA (English, Secondary Education); Slovak Republic; English Teaching Assistantship

Ryan Stock, M.S., School of Natural Resources and the Environment (Environmental Policy & Environmental Justice); India; “Adaptive Synergies: Building Resiliency Through Rural Institutions in Nagnesh, Gujarat, India

Hazel Unger, M.A., LSA (Middle Eastern and North African Studies); Morocco; English Teaching Assistantship

Kelsey Valente, B.A., LSA (Linguistics, Spanish); Colombia; English Teaching Assistantship

Nathan VanderVeen, B.S., LSA (Spanish, Biochemistry); Brazil; English Teaching Assistantship

Andrew Walker, Ph.D., LSA (History); Spain; “Conciliation of Extremes: Haiti and the Negotiation of Revolution in the Spanish Atlantic”

Cheryl Yin, Ph.D., LSA (Linguistic Anthropology); Cambodia; “Khmer Honorifics: Lingering Effects of the Khmer Rouge in Language Today”

Emily Yu, M.P.H., School of Public Health (Industrial Hygiene); Ghana; “Agbogbloshie: The Consequences of E-waste Recycling”

* Degrees listed are either the highest degree attained or the degree currently in progress.


Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grantees for the University of Michigan

Disciplines within quotation marks are the Fulbright disciplinary categories in which the award was made.


Natalie Bakopoulos, Lecturer, Department of English Language & Literature, LSA. “Creative Writing”; Research: To Whom Do You Belong? (A Novel); National and Kapodisrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece; February—May 2015.

Jacinta Beehner, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, LSA. “Physical Anthropology”; Lecturing/Research: The Timing of Maturation in Wild Geladas: A Vandenbergh Effect? University of Gondar; Gondar, Ethiopia; September 2014—July 2015.

Allen Hicken, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, LSA. “Southeast Asian Politics”; Research: Electoral Dynamics in Thailand: Parties, Patronage and Public Goods; Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand; August 2014—February 2015.

Mark Nornes, Chair & Professor, Department of Screen Arts & Cultures, School of Art & Design; and Department of Asian Languages & Cultures, LSA.  “Film/Cinema Studies”; Research: The Contemporary Japanese Documentary; University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; July 2014—April 2015.

Daniel Saunders, Professor, School of Social Work, “Social Work”; Research: A Cross-National Examination of Intimate Partner Violence Practices and Policies: New Zealand and the United States; University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; February—May 2015.

Greta Uehling, Lecturer, Program in International & Comparative Studies, LSA, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor; “Cultural Anthropology”; Research: Memory, History, and Coexistence in Crimea, Ukraine; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine; May 2015—June 2017