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World History & Literature Initiative


World History and Literature Initiative
Migration in Human History & Literature
June 25-27, 2018
8:30 – 4:00 each day
$50 for all three days
SCECHs available

Migration in Human History & Literature

Migration has been a constant in human history, shaping our world in every place and time. From our earliest ancestors’ movements out of Africa to the present, people have migrated across continents, oceans, seas, mountains and deserts. Pushed, pulled or coerced, humans have moved in large and small numbers, with or without families and friends, to or from rural or urban areas. And each migration has had significant consequences on the people and places they moved to or from.

Though migrants might have traveled by themselves, they never travelled alone. People always brought along their ideas, beliefs, cultural and material practices. Therefore, human migration is also a story of cultural interaction, transformation, adaptation, convergence, and divergence. And since flora, fauna, and even micro-organisms often accompanied human migrants, this is also a story of changes in the biosphere.

Given how important migration has been, it is not surprising that we have a rich literary and artistic heritage that captures the impact migration has had on individuals, peoples, communities, and the world.

The World History and Literature Initiative’s (WHaLI) three-day conference for secondary teachers takes up the issue of migration in human history and literature. The conference will focus on important cases drawn from different historical times and regions as they have been represented in historical and literary sources. In addition to helping teachers develop their knowledge and understanding of this important issue in world history and literature, the conference also illuminates challenges students face in learning and explores ways teachers might meet those challenges. WHaLI conference provides participants with relevant resources as well as lunch and refreshments.

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 15, 2018

Early registration is encouraged, as past workshops have filled quickly.

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Sponsors include the University of Michigan International Institute, School of Education, and Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies.

This event is funded in part by Title VI NRC grants from the U.S. Department of Education.