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World History & Literature Initiative


World History and Literature Initiative
Resistance & Rebellion in World History & Literature
June 21-23, 2017
8:45 – 4:00 each day
$50 for all three days
SCECHs available

Resistance & Rebellion in World History & Literature

In his book length essay The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt, Albert Camus explains that all rebellion begins in the subtle and small act of saying “no” to a bad situation in which people find themselves. This “no” establishes a limit to what people will accept and it identifies what they must resist. However, in saying “no” and in even small acts of resistance, people also are saying “yes” since they are affirming a better something else, though that might not yet be clearly in sight.

Acts of resistance started, organized, and sustained by everyday people have played important roles in world history and literature.  However, too often our courses ignore them to focus students’ attention on the big, grand, and often dramatic actions of leaders. This has had consequences for students’ thinking about the past and the present.

This three-day conference will explore historical and literary examples of resistance and rebellion and discuss ways to teach these. Participants of the conference will develop their knowledge and insights about the causes and impact of resistance in history and as authors have represented resistance in literature. All WHaLI conferences aim to help teachers enhance their understanding of the historical and literary content, how students learn that content, and ways to teach.

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 19, 2017

Early registration is encouraged, as past workshops have filled quickly.

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Sponsors include the University of Michigan’s International Institute, School of Education, and Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies.

This event is funded in part by Title VI NRC grants from the U.S. Department of Education.