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Conflict and Peace Initiative

"Non-Violence" by Carl Fredrik Reutersward. Photo by Giorgio Galeotti. Click image for full license.

The Conflict and Peace Initiative (CPI) is dedicated to advancing a deeper understanding of the root causes, dynamics, and consequences of conflict and peace. CPI was launched in the fall of 2016 with support from the International Institute’s Enterprise Fund and the University of Michigan. All of our events and projects involve collaborative partnerships across disciplines and ongoing engagement with anti-violence and anti-discrimination advocacy groups. We aim to support global advocacy organizations by raising awareness of local social justice programs and hosting internationally relevant events featuring those pursuing a just and positive peace.

CPI is facilitating a series of Fall 2017 events—book clubs, local school programs, community dialogues, a library exhibit about the Civil Rights Movement, a social justice comics contest, a screening of Selma, a social justice research symposium, and much more—in connection to a September 21, 2017 keynote presentation by Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis and his co-authors of the graphic novel trilogy March. Please visit the “Marching Forward” website to learn more.

To get involved, please contact CPI project coordinator Ashley Bates (, CPI co-director Christian Davenport (, or CPI co-director Michelle Bellino (