The Donia Human Rights Center (DHRC) is a forum for intellectual exchange on issues around human rights among scholars, practitioners, students, and the broader public. Toward that end, DHRC invites leading practitioners and scholars to share their insights and expertise on human rights gained through their experiences and research. DHRC is able to sponsor various public events each year featuring prominent speakers in the field of human rights, to support educational activities such as exchange programs and curricular development, and to provide students with fellowships for research or internships on international human rights.

DHRC offers internship, research, and study abroad opportunities to students that would enhance their understanding of contemporary human rights issues and equip them with the tools to tackle challenging human rights problems around the world. With greater resources, we would like to meet student requests and expand student support for research on human rights in the United States and abroad. Contributions to the DHRC play a critical role in sustaining selected activities, programs, and fellowships. These gifts are essential to enable DHRC to maintain and enhance Michigan's well-deserved reputation as a leader in international education. 

By supporting DHRC, students will have the opportunity to engage in educational experiences to enhance their understanding of international human rights beyond the classroom. Hannah Pierce, who was the 2019 DHRC International Human Rights Fellow with Perseus Strategies in Washington, D.C., articulated that, “My fellowship in Washington D.C. was instrumental in preparing me for a career in human rights, as it allowed me to go beyond the scope of the Michigan classroom, apply my knowledge and work experience, and become a part of the solutions I’ve learned about. During my time at Perseus, I was astonished by the both the amount and the importance of the work that I did, from drafting House of Representative resolutions, contributing to “white paper” reports, or attending meetings on Capitol Hill. Additionally, I gained valuable insight while networking and meeting people from all different careers, helping me to gain a better understanding of the complex political world. With the experience, I hope to utilize my newly acquired skills to make tangible change after graduation and ultimately make an impact in the world."

Vivian Righter, the 2019 Human Rights First Fellow with Human Rights First in Washington, D.C. for the past summer, also stated that “I began this summer with the hope that I could learn more about the work of NGOs supporting human rights and I would develop a better idea of what I planned to do after I graduated. I believe I accomplished both of these goals. I have a better understanding of the complex relationship between NGOs, government agencies, the private sector, and how each are in connection and reliance on each other. I also learned more about advocacy and the role of NGOs in advocating for changes related to human rights protection, especially with the always-changing administration and congressional priorities. After graduation, I hope to continue to advance my Mandarin skills or volunteer for an NGO located abroad, assets that many at Human Rights First advised me would be valuable in the future." We hope to continue to award exceptional students these life-changing opportunities.

On behalf of all of us at the Donia Human Rights Center, we want to wish you and yours all the very best this holiday season, and to ask you to remember us when you are planning your charitable contributions this year. Please consider making a donation to DHRC online. We are very grateful that you consider Michigan and DHRC in your giving priorities. Thank you!