The Donia Human Rights Center (DHRC) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Donia Human Rights Fellows Program. The initiative recognizes U-M undergraduates majoring in International Studies through the Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) who have demonstrated their interest in and commitment to the study and practice of human rights during their time at the University of Michigan. The new program represents an opportunity for the University of Michigan to recognize student achievement in this area and provide students with a credential useful to pursue a career in human rights. The program is open to juniors and seniors majoring in International Studies who have enrolled in the International Security, Norms and Cooperation sub-plan with the first group of eligible students in the Class of 2022. Details regarding the program are available on the website.

"The Donia Human Rights Center is committed to furthering the study and practice of human rights, so recognizing undergraduate student achievement in this area helps advance our mission. The new program also complements our other work, including internships and events bringing human rights experts to campus," said Steven R. Ratner, U-M Professor of Law and Director of DHRC.

“Human Rights is a central focus of interest, study, and action for very many of our PICS students. This new program is a terrific way for those studies and achievements to be recognized with the distinctive designation and honor of being named Donia Human Rights Fellows,” U-M Professor of Political Science and Director of PICS, Robert J. Franzese, Jr., added.

Mary Gallager, U-M Professor of Political Science and Director of the International Institute, also noted, “The International Institute is delighted to support this new program for undergraduates. It will provide essential opportunities for our PICS students to interact with our DHRC faculty and visitors.”

Students seeking candidacy as a Donia Human Rights Fellow must register by October 15, 2021, on this Google Form. As students meet the requirements for the Fellow designation, they will be expected to update the information on the Google Form. Students may register in their junior or senior year. Students will receive the designation of Donia Human Rights Fellow upon graduation with these requisites completed. 

Please direct any questions concerning the program to