Farina Mir’s book The Social Space of Language: Vernacular Culture in British Colonial Punjab published jointly by Permanent Black and the University of California Press wins the AAS SAC BERNARD S. COHN BOOK PRIZE (South Asia) . The announcement was made at the AAS Conference in Toronto in March 2012.

The Bernard S. Cohn Book Prize honors outstanding and innovative scholarship across discipline and country of specialization for a first book on South Asia, published during the preceding year. The Prize, named to honor the distinguished scholar, Bernard S. Cohn, carries with it a $1,000 award for the author. Books nominated may address either contemporary or historical topics in any field of the humanities or the social sciences related to any of the countries of South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal in the spirit of Barney Cohn’s broad and critical scholarship on culture and history in South Asia.

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