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Graduate Student Associates

CREES Graduate Student Associates include University of Michigan, Ann Arbor students enrolled in center graduate programs or specializing in Russian, East European, or Eurasian studies in other graduate-level departmental or professional degree programs. Learn more and apply here.

Erina Baci

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: prehistory of Kosovo and Albania, geographic information system (GIS), settlement pattern analysis 

Regional Interests: Eastern Europe

Lauren Beck

Ph.D., German

Research Interests: temporality, memory studies, Eastern European migration to Germany, contemporary German literature, visual culture, (post-)socialism

Regional Interests: German Democratic Republic/Former East Germany, Central Europe, Former Soviet Union, Russia

Sasha de Vogel

Ph.D., Political Science

Research Interests: mass mobilization, contentious politics, protest, repression, authoritarianism, regime stability

Regional Interests: Russia, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union

William Forrest Holden

Ph.D., History

Research Interests: gender, empire, Russian Empire, public sphere, enlightenment

Regional Interests: Baltics, Central Asia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia

Emine Seda Kayim

Ph.D., Architecture, and German Studies Graduate Certificate

Research Interests: Industrialization and Mass Production in Europe and the Soviets, Production and Exchange of Architectural Knowledge during the Cold War, Technologies and Materialities of Space, Surveillance Studies, Soviet Socialist Governmentality, East German Art, Architecture and Literature, Interwar and Postwar German Thought, Media Studies

Regional Interests: Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union

Jane Kitaevich

Ph.D., Political Science

Research Interests: political psychology, nation-building, democratic transitions, regime change, collective memory, identity politics, nationalism, ethnic conflicts, politics of education, separatism, regionalism, civil society/public spheres, protest movements, sociological and historical institutionalism, religion and politics, citizenship and immigration, ideological parties, politics of distribution

Regional Interests: Armenia, Baltics, Caucasus, Central Asia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, Poland, Russia

Aleksandra Marciniak

Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures

Research Interests: 20th-century Russian and Polish poetry, Russian rap, identity building, cults of personality, new media

Regional Interests: Russia, Poland

McKenna Marko

Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures

Research Interests:  Hungarian and Yugoslav cinema & literature 

Regional Interests: Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Hungary

Alexander McConnell

Ph.D., History

Research Interests: Russian and Soviet social and cultural history, Soviet film history, language and subjectivity

Regional Interests: Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, Russia

Ashley McDermott

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: language ideologies, language planning and policy, linguistic landscape analysis, language shift, language socialism in post-Soviet Central Asia

Regional Interests: Central Asia, Kyrguzstan

Carrie Ann Morgan

Ph.D., Linguistics and Anthropology

Research Interests: linguistic nationalism and standard languages, sociolinguistic variation and change, socialism and post-socialism

Regional Interests: Eastern Europe, Albania, Kosovo, Balkans, Southeastern Europe

Györgyi Parditka

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: Bronze Age societies, Hungary, Serbia, funerary practices, variations in social organization, social identity, children in the past

Regional Interests: Eastern Europe, Hungary

Julian Schultz

Ph.D., Anthropology

Research Interests: Balkan prehistory, Neolithic - Bronze Age transition

Regional Interests: Balkans

Lediona Shahollari

Ph.D., History

Research Interests: nation-building, post-Ottoman, migration, exile, population exchanges, Islam, cartography, diasporas, memory politics

Regional Interests: Eastern Europe, Balkans, Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean

Kristefer Stojanovski

Ph.D., Health Behavior and Health Education

Research Interests: human rights and health issues faced by marginalized populations—including Roma and LGBTQ+ persons—in the Balkans

Regional Interests: Southern Eastern Europe, Balkans

Roya Talibova

Ph.D., Political Science and Scientific Computing

Research Interests: political violence, state repression, civil conflict, human rights, Russian and Eurasian politics

Regional Interests: Caucasus, Central Asia, Former Soviet Union, Russia

Iride Tomazic

Ph.D., Anthropological Archaeology

Research Interests: Late Copper age/Bronze age transition, Balkans, mortuary archaeology, osteology, metallurgy, health in prehistory, social identity, environmental pollution

Regional Interests: South-Eastern Europe, Carpathian Basin