CONTACT: Patti Schwarz,, 734.433.0826

River Gallery is pleased and proud to announce that they will be hosting the first solo show in Southeast MI for the Bosnian born, internationally recognized printmaker Endi Poskovic. Using representations of familiar imagery, Endi's work proposes a wide range of eventualities. He creates through text and image interpretations that demonstrate simultaneously the real and fictitious, the rational and absurd. Educated in Yugoslavia, Norway and the US he often explores the adventure of migration and its risks and/or the magnificence of nature and its dangers. His partly circumstantial and partly self imposed exile does not allow him to work within the comforting boundaries of the culture in which he first learned to observe, connect and interpret the world. He is a recipient of  the Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Pollock-Krasner, Carmargo and McDowell Fellowships. Endi exhibits extensively representing the US in all major print biennials and triennials. His work can be found at Harvard University Fogg Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Shanghi Art Museum. Poskovic is a professor of Art and Design at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design.

To read more about the Guggenheim award and an interview with Endi Poskovic, see the Guggenheim Foundation website.