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A Guide to Resources at CMENAS

The Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies (CMENAS) at the University of Michigan is dedicated to promoting a broader and deeper understanding of the MENA region—its histories, cultures, languages, and peoples.

Today, educators are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the Middle East and North Africa. To meet changing demands in education, CMENAS offers resources to educators through teacher workshops, websites, curricula and lesson plans. These sources can be useful in providing methods to teach about this critical and complex region of the world.

In this section, you will find a variety of materials, resources and links on the Middle East and North Africa aimed at students, educators and the general public. These sources are organized as follows:

  • Audio and video of CMENAS lectures and special events »

  • K-14 Educational Materials — links to websites, lesson plans, and activities for use in the classroom » 

  • Language and Area Studies Resources for study of a MENA language or expanding content knowledge of the region »

  • Muslims in Michigan project premiered on April  2010, this five part radio series examines life for Muslim people living in Michigan—beyond religion, this event explored the cultural, political, ethnic,and social lives of this diverse group »