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Ara Sanjian

Associate Professor in Armenian and Middle Eastern History, U-M Dearborn



Turkey and Her Arab Neighbours, 1953-1958: A Study in the Origins and Failure of the Baghdad Pact. Slough, UK: Archive Editions, 2001.


The Negotiation of ‘The Contract of the Century’ and the Political Background to the Revival of Azerbaijan’s Oil Industry. Yerevan: The Armenian Center for National and International Studies, September 1997.

Articles published in academic journals or as book chapters

(with Nicola Migliorino) “Les communautés arméniennes du Proche-Orient arabe” [The Armenian Communities of the Arab Middle East; in French], Confluences Méditerranée, Chrétiens d’Orient, No. 66, Été 2008, pp. 73-82.

“Homeland-Diaspora Relations under Khrushchev and Brezhnev: Soviet Embassy Reports from Beirut on the Armenian Community in Lebanon, 1959-1982 (A Preliminary Study)” [in English], in Michel Bruneau, Ioannis Hassiotis, Martine Hovanessian and Claire Mouradian (eds.),Arméniens et Grecs en diaspora: approches comparatives (Athènes, 2007), pp. 273-282.

"Подъем и упадок армянской общины Ливана" [The Rise and Decline of the Armenian Community in Lebanon; in Russian], in Диаспоры: Независимый научный журнал [Diasporas: Independent Academic Journal] (Moscow), No. 1, 2004, pp. 121-146.

“Lebanon” [in Armenian], in Hay Spiurk: Hanragitaran [The Armenian Diaspora: An Encyclopaedia] (Yerevan, 2003), pp. 290-328.

“The Armenian Church and Community in Jerusalem and the Holy Land (From their origins until the modern era)” [in English], in Anthony O’Mahony (ed.) The Christian Communities in the Holy Land: Studies in History, Religion, and Politics (University of Wales Press, 2003).

“The Armenian Minority Experience in the Modern Arab World” [in English], Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (Amman, Jordan), Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring/Summer 2001), pp. 149-179.

“A Brief Outline of the 45-year History of the Department of Armenian Studies at Haigazian University (1955-2000)” [in Armenian], Haigazian Armenological Review, Vol. 20 (2000), pp. 9-86.

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“The Statutes of the Armenian Populist Party” [in Armenian], Haigazian Armenological Review(Beirut), vol. 12 (1992), pp. 309-38.

Encyclopedia Entries 

“Sarkissian, Karekin (1932-1999)” in Supplement to The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet, and Eurasian History (forthcoming).

“Hovsepiants, Garegin I (1867-1952),” in Supplement to The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet, and Eurasian History (forthcoming).

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K. Khudaverdian (editor-in-chief), Armyanskiy Vopros [The Armenian Question; in Russian] (Yerevan, 1991).

  • Education
    • 1996 Ph.D. in Modern Middle Eastern History, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
    • 1991 M.A., Faculty of History, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  • Language(s) and Proficiency Level(s):
    • Armenian: native
    • Arabic: fluent, English: fluent: Turkish: fluent
    • Russian: fluent
    • French
    • fluent